Reviews: School buses: Towards a shortage of drivers at the start of the school year

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Une maman aide à monter sa fille dans un car de ramassage scolaire jaune à Pruillé-le-Chétif près du Mans, le 2 septembre 2008. © Jean-Francois Monier / AFP A mom helps put her daughter in a yellow school pickup in Pruillé-le-Chetif near Le Mans, September 2, 2008 .

to one month from the start of the school year, the National Federation of Travelers Transport (FNTV) alert that around 8,000 school bus drivers in France could miss the call in September. Consequence: many students will know the worst difficulties in going to school.

The concern takes a little more thickness over the summer. While the National Federation of Travelers (FNTV) alerted in June on a potential shortage of drivers to ensure school pickups at the start of the school year, the organization recalled the urgency of the situation. Because one month from the start of the school year, scheduled for September 1, 8,000 drivers in France still lack the call to allow schoolchildren, college students and high school students to navigate serenely between their home and their school. Result: around 20 % of the 2 million students transported each day in the buses could be affected.

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"Attracting new profiles"

"We have never been faced with such a situation , is alarmed Ingrid Mareschal, general delegate of the FNTV, with the Parisian . We have a fairly high age pyramid in the sector, with each year retirement to replace ”. The health crisis, confinements, multiple restrictions ... All of this would have helped empty the workforce. Especially since the job is struggling today to be attractive. "They [the drivers] discovered another life, without a day cut in two with a period of activity in the morning, to take the children, and one in the evening to recover them at the end of the courses, explains to the Parisian Constance Bussereau, recruitment manager at the Keolis transport group, a company sometimes commissioned by communities to ensure the service of schools. We must work to revalue the profession and attract new profiles ”.

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"There will be children without bus"

in the Hauts-de-France region, Franck Dhersin does not hide his concern either. Vice-president in the region, in charge of mobility, he warns our colleagues from France Bleu the risk of "a problem on around 10 % of our cars at the start of the school year" . According to him, around 400 drivers are missing in the region. The vice-president calls the rectorate and the heads of school to "do not multiply the buses during the day".

A track has notably been mentioned for years by the FNTV: that of developing the entry and output hours of certain schools, in order to fill the buses with a maximum of students and to limit the number of convoys. A proposal that Franck Dhersin has renewed these days. "We wrote to the two rectors of the region, we hope it will advance ..." he told our colleagues.

In the entourage of Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Education, we indicate to the Parisian that he was "asked the academic regions to get closer to the regions, in connection with the prefects. When tension situations are noted, they give rise to exchanges at the local level to find the best solutions ”.

In the meantime, Ingrid Mareschal assures the Parisian that "One thing is certain: there will be children without bus. The whole thing is to know in what proportion, and to limit, as much as possible, the importance of the problem. »

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