Reviews: regionally for 29 euros and nationwide for 49 euros: Greens suggest successor duo for 9-euro ticket in front of

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Two cheap tickets should replace the 9-euro ticket. In order to cover the high costs, the Greens want to stamp the company car privilege.

Das 9-Euro-Ticket ist nur noch bis Ende August gültig. © Photo: dpa/Angelika Warmuth The 9-euro ticket is only valid until the end of August.

in the debate about a succession plan for the 9-euro ticket, which only applies until the end of August, Greens politicians propose a regional ticket for 29 euros and a nationwide ticket for 49 euros a month.

This emerges from a concept paper by party leader Ricarda Lang, parliamentary group leader Katharina Dröge and the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Transport Oliver Krischer, about which the ARD capital studio first reported.

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The regional ticket for 29 euros is said to contact commuters primarily to work by public transport. The price gives "real incentives" for switching to bus and train and is particularly suitable for people with a small wallet.

It should apply "at least nationwide, but also for regions such as Berlin-Brandenburg or Bremen-Hamburg-Niedersachsen ". The Greens refer to a proposal by the ecological traffic club Germany, which had proposed eight regions.

In addition, according to paper, there should be a “49 euro ticket for all of Germany” that works as easily as the current 9-euro ticket. Like the latter, the proposed tickets should only apply to local and regional traffic.

The offer of a 49-euro ticket can "break through the wage jungle completely", the Greens advertise. The occupation with the "often confusing pricing would have come to an end for many people".

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Video: Succession offer for 9-euro ticket required (GLOMEX)

company car privilege is to be curtailed

sticking point of an succession plan for the 9-euro ticket is always the financing. The federal government spent 2.5 billion euros in the three months of June, July and August.

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The Association of German Transport Companies has calculated that two billion Euro would be necessary per year.

The Greens propose a “dismantling” of the company car privilege. This allows companies to pay taxes for tax cars. CO2 emissions in particular should be taken into account more.

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"The resulting additional income for BUND And countries could seamlessly flow into the financing of the cheap tickets, ”says the paper. "Instead of a favor that benefits in particular, we enable a traffic policy measure with a broad effect, which also sets an effective incentive to protect climate protection."

The Greens call their proposal and emphasize their willingness to discuss other financing channels. They refer to the success of the 9-euro ticket. Initial evaluations suggested that actually switched people from the car to bus and train, so there were also positive effects for the climate.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) had recently said that there could be no connection regulation for the 9-euro ticket. The responsible transport minister Volker Wissing (FDP) praises the ticket as a success, but last said that the countries should see "how they want to finance it". (dpa, AFP)

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