Reviews: VW Gross shareholder: Porsche SE confirms profit forecast

Porsche puts latte for return: thrust through electric cars

 Porsche puts latte for return: thrust through electric cars The sports car manufacturer Porsche takes a lot before the planned IPO for the coming years. Management around Chief Oliver Blume wants to benefit primarily from the increasing number of rich people, but also earn on the swivel to pure electric cars. For this purpose, the company in some areas also goes separate paths from Wolfsburg's group mother Volkswagen: The software for its own electric cars is to be created on its own due to delays in the VW software subsidiary Cariad.

Die Familienholding bleibt hochprofitabel. Foto: dpa © provided by Handelsblatt The family holding remains highly profitable. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright =

The holding of the Porsche families and Piëch benefits from the winnings at Volkswagen. The VW major shareholder keeps covered with the Porsche IPra.

Volkswagen-main owner Porsche SE believes that both a decline and a significant increase in profit this year are possible because of the uncertainty through the war in Ukraine. The holding of the Porsche and Piëch families hold the majority of voting rights on the Wolfsburg car company confirmed their forecast of net profit between 4.1 and 6.1 billion euros on Monday. In 2021, Porsche SE almost doubled the profit to 4.6 (previous year 2.6) billion euros.

New thrust through e-mobility in the Leipzig Porsche plant

 New thrust through e-mobility in the Leipzig Porsche plant The Leipzig Porsche plant is increasingly expanded to become the location for electromobility in the 20th year of its existence. In addition to the E-Macan, which will go into series production in Leipzig from 2023, a new large off-road vehicle with an electric drive in Saxony is to be built. The vehicle was “in the luxury segment”, Porsche said. According to media reports, the 2026 production start is planned. Porsche did not want to comment on details of the project on request.

In the first six months, the net profit, which essentially feeds on the participation in Volkswagen, rose by 31 percent to 3.2 billion euros. Of these, 3.1 billion euros flowed from Volkswagen to the holding. In the middle of the year, the net owls of Porsche SE dropped to 504 (previous year 641) million euros, especially because of the increase in share at Volkswagen. The holding company had acquired a preferred shares in May for around 400 million euros. The proportion of the drawn capital of Europe's largest car company increased to 31.9 (31.4) percent.

in the year, Porsche SE expects net oliquidity between 200 million and 700 million euros. It contains no effects from a possible IPO of the Volkswagen sports car farmer Porsche AG and a possible acquisition of regular shares.

Volkswagen still pays: 30 million for 3 years? - A debate about replacement of this

 Volkswagen still pays: 30 million for 3 years? - A debate about replacement of this investors criticize that this' contract has only recently been extended, although his departure has already emerged. Because that will be expensive now. © Carsten Koall/dpa recently extended his contract-and is therefore also entitled to a lot of money: ex-VW boss Herbert Diess. The replacement of VW CEO Herbert Diess planned in September by Porsche boss Oliver Blume caused frowning from some investors and industry experts.

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The Porsche Holding wants to acquire 25 percent plus a share of the regulars at Porsche AG in the course of the planned IPO. This gave it a blocking minority. Up to 25 percent of the advantages of voting rights and thus 12.5 percent of the total capital are to be placed on the capital market. About half of the proceeds from the IPO should flow to the shareholders as a special dividend.

The Porsche SE did not comment on the schedule for the IPO, which is planned in the final quarter.

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report: Blume wants to run Volkswagen and Porsche .
The new Volkswagen boss Oliver Blume wants to keep the management of the car company and the daughter Porsche in the long run. "For me, the double function was a prerequisite," said Blume the "Bild am Sonntag". "The two roles are ideally complemented: surgically closely integrated into the processes and technologies of a brand in order to strategically make the right decisions in the group." © Sven Hoppe/dpa Oliver Blume during the IAA in Munich.

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