Reviews: In Sierra Leone, demonstrations against dear life run on the riot

In China, demonstrations against local power violently repressed

 In China, demonstrations against local power violently repressed © VCG/Getty Images Some demonstrators crossed the country to have news of their savings and make their voices heard. For several months, money from thousands of Chinese savers has been inaccessible. Four banks in the province of Henan, in the center of the country , have frozen since mid-April any retirement of money, trapping thousands of small savers who see the savings of a life flying.

Des personnes s'enfuient lors d'une manifestation anti-gouvernementale, à Freetown, en Sierra Leone, le 10 août 2022, sur cette photo obtenue à partir des médias sociaux. © via Reuters - Picture Obtained by Reuters of people flee during an anti -government demonstration, in Freetown, in Sierra Leone, on 10 August 2022, in this photo obtained from social media.

at least two people were killed in the Freetown capital on Wednesday evening: two police officers, lynched by the population. A curfew has been established.

Cut roads, erect dams and burned tires. In Freetown, the demonstrations quickly turned into a confrontation between young people and the police. Two police officers were lynched, police stations were destroyed, ransacked public buildings and burned buses.

At the origin of this explosion of anger, a call to a peaceful rally initiated by a group of shopping women to protest against expensive life. The rally was prohibited by the police. At the same time, calls to demonstrate have been launched on social networks to request the resignation of President Julius Maada organic.

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 Sierra Kidd: More than 3 million listeners a month! The rapper Sierra Kid (25) is actually called Manuel Marc Jungclaussen, comes from Emden and is a successful rapper. And like many other musicians, Sierra Kid can be found at the streaming service Spotify - which seems to bring in quite a bit of money. © Instagram/ Kidd Sierra Kidd: More than 3 million listeners a month! The rapper earns so much with Spotify . Artists earn at Spotify on the platform, the artists get money for the streams of their music.

For Ibrahim Tommy, of civil society, there is certainly concern about the economic situation, but which does not explain the overflows of yesterday. “People have many grievances. They are angry, they are concerned about the economic situation, by their living conditions. The prices of basic necessities have increased sharply in recent years, with COVVID and more recently the war in Ukraine. But that cannot explain what we attended yesterday. It's incomprehensible.

These violence mainly broke out in an east district of the capital controlled by opposition , as well as in several cities in the north of the country where the opposition is the majority. On Wednesday evening, the government accused some politicians of manipulating the demonstrators, and in particular the idle youth, for personal purposes.

A presidential election is planned by one year and President Julius Maada organic, in power since 2018, is criticized for having done enough to attack corruption and inflation. The country is one of the poorest on the continent, with more than 40% of the population that remains with less than two dollars a day.

The Cédéao reacted by "firmly" condemning these violence having "led to loss of life". It also calls for compliance with the law and the identification of the officials so that they are presented to justice.

Heritage Days near Rennes. Armored and initiation to the Morse Museum .
© Archives Ouest-France A multi-role shielded vehicle Griffon, one of the last entry into the army park (here a copy of the 11th Rama) is presented this Weekend at the Transmissions Museum .. L'Espace Ferrié, the Museum of the Weapons of Transmissions in Cesson-Sévigné, near Rennes, is open this Saturday and Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Guided tours, demonstrations and exhibition of two modern army vehicles are on the program.

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