Reviews: "only 20 percent"-Hype around the Kalex swing, BMW

Oberberger at the front: motorcycle racers Florian Alt and Markus Reiterberger in the duel

 Oberberger at the front: motorcycle racers Florian Alt and Markus Reiterberger in the duel 30,000 fans around the route, campsites that were completely fully booked days before: the race on the Schleizer Dreieck, the only natural racing route in the calendar of the international motorcycle championship (IDM) Was a real spectacle. Not only next to it, but especially with the superbikes on the track. The IDM leading Markus Reiterberger and his Oberberg purifier Florian Alt (Wilbers BMW) fought exciting duels.

Die neue Kalex-Schwinge debütierte Mitte Juli bei der WSBK in Donington © Motorsport Images The new Kalex-Schwinge debut in mid-July at the WSBK in Donington

in mid-July, BMW moved to the Superbike World Championship in Donington The looks when the work pilot Scott Redding and Bonovo-Pilot Loris Baz drove with a new swing and indicated an upward trend. According to BMW, the new Schwinge was created in cooperation with Kalex, but is only a piece of the puzzle of a new technology package that is responsible for the progress in Donington and Most.

Scott Redding © Motorsport Images Scott Redding

Questions about the new Swinge already ensure rolling eyes in the BMW warehouse. "I don't understand the hype about the swing," BMW motorcycle sports director Marc Bongers pondered in an interview with ''.

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"Yes, we developed the Schwinge with a different partner than before. And yes, it also brought something," explains Bongers. "In Most, Eugene Laverty and Peter Hickman also drove with the swing. Laverty was struck and couldn't say anything about the swing. Hickman gave positive statements."

"Together with the swing, the coordination and the ergonomics were adjusted. This made it a package with which Scott now feels very comfortable. He can now build a very good feeling and place the motorcycle as he likes it. He now feels the limit much better, "says Marc Bongers.

Scott Redding © Motorsport Images Scott Redding

In addition to changed rigidity, the new swing arm also has a different geometry and thus offers more freedom in coordination of the M1000RR. "With the new swing, we now have more adjustment options that helped us take one step forward," says Marc Bongers.

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Scott Redding sees only part of the package Scott Redding © Motorsport Images Scott Redding

Werkspilot Scott Redding is annoyed by the recurring questions about the new swing. "It's always just about the swing. But we created a package from which the swing arm is only a part. The swing arm may make 20 percent of the package. But everyone sees the swing Much more things that help. "

Loris Baz © Motorsport Images Loris BAZ

"I am very happy with our progress," notes Redding, who finished third in Donington in the sprint race and finished third in the first race. "In Donington, some said that it was only on the track. But I was already convinced that the progress would also pay off on other routes. It was important to show this in Most here."

Loris Baz © Motorsport Images Loris BAZ

"We took a big step," says Redding. "Now it's about the details. We know in some areas where there is no. It is now about changing it. But it is not that we don't know where we have to start."

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Why can only Scott Redding fight at the top?

With a look at the results it becomes clear that so far only Redding has been able to convert the update into good results. "BAZ had the new swinge from the day I got it. He has the same package as I do. I think that I now really harmonize with the motorcycle," explains Redding.

"With the new swing and the new vote, I now have the necessary confidence and know what the motorcycle can do. Before that, I had the feeling that I was constantly at the limit and in the risk of falling, even though I drove two seconds per round. Now I feel that the motorcycle communicates with me and that I can react to it, "says the BMW factory pilot.

Loris Baz sees a lot of space for improvements

Loris BAZ drew attention to himself in Donington and in Most with strong training services and could not confirm expectations in the races. But BAZ is also convinced that the new BMW technology package is a clear progress.

"The motorcycle now has more natural grip. That is good. We didn't have a grip beforehand and had to make crazy settings in geometry," compares the Bonovo pilot. But BAZ has not yet been able to unlock the full potential of the innovations. The vote must continue to be done.

"We need a real test to try some things. It is difficult to unlock the full potential on a racing weekend," comments BAZ, who is happy to be able to harvest the fruits of development work.

"But I am very satisfied with the work of BMW. We said from the beginning of the season that we have to be patient and that there will be improvements at half -time of the season. Some were skeptical, but now we see the progress of BMW, What is really cool. It's still a long way, but the efforts are slowly paying off, "said BAZ.

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