Reviews: Robert Schwarzman before FT1 with Ferrari: "Formula 1 is my only goal!"

slipstream coup! Ferrari duped Verstappen

 slipstream coup! Ferrari duped Verstappen Charles Leclerc gets the pole position for the Grand Prix of France. Ferrari uses a clever trick. The pressure on world champion Max Verstappen is growing. Sebastian Vettel misses the top 10. © provided by Windshadow Coup! Ferrari duped Verstappen that was once a successful move by Scuderia for a change! Thanks to the active support of his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc has the pole position for the Grand Prix of France ( Sunday from 3 p.m.

Ferrari junior Robert Schwarzman is "a bit excited" before his debut at Ferrari on a Formula 1 racing weekend later this season when he will take part in two training sessions.

The Ferrari test driver Schwarzman will meet Ferrari's requirements for young drivers for the training sessions in 2022 and contest two FT1 sessions in the last nine races. According to the new rules, every regular driver has to vacate their place for a rookie once in the season.

The 2019 Formula 3 champion will compete under Israeli flag after the FIA ​​imposed a starting ban for drivers with Russian licenses in February due to the invasion of Russia.

Haug after Ferrari-Fiasko: "Slide into the stomach pit"

 Haug after Ferrari-Fiasko: The Ferrari fiasco at the Formula 1 race last Sunday in France was a "blow into the stomach pit" for Norbert Haug. © provided by Haug to Ferrari-Fiasko: "Schlag in the stomach pit" The Ferrari fiasco at the Formula 1 race last Sunday in France was a "blow to the long-time Mercedes Motorsport Director Norbert Haug in the" Gastric pit ".

Schwarzman: "I am a bit excited"

Schwarzman took part in the Formula 1 rookie test in Abu Dhabi last year and drove both for Ferrari and the Haas team, but has not yet fought a Formula 1 racing weekend. However, it is not quite inexperienced, since he often drove older Ferrari cars on the test track in Fiorano.

"I'm a bit excited about the idea," says Schwarzman. "I still don't know exactly which events I will be on the track, but it will undoubtedly be a good moment. I am proud to be able to drive a Ferrari on a race weekend, and I am also very interested in the ones with the To check engineers in the simulator. "

"We have spent so many hours to improve the virtual car and introduce it as close as possible to reality. Now I can hardly wait to see the results of this work first -hand."

Daniil Kwjat full of drive: "See nothing cooler than NASCAR"

 Daniil Kwjat full of drive: © Alpine Ex-F1 Pilot Daniil Kwjat in 2022 three races in the highest Nascar league when the Hezeberg team released on Tuesday that Daniil Kwjat At the weekend at the Indianapolis circuit, his debut in the highest Nascar league and thus his Nascar debut will make one or the other surprised reaction. For KWJAT itself, the step is anything but surprising.

Robert Schwarzman © provided by Robert Schwarzman

Robert Schwarzman at the Abu-Dhabi test at the end of 2021 for HAAS

Photo: Motorsport Images

Schwarzman did not contest a full-time season in another racing series, but was on supporting the Ferrari -Driver Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz concentrated after leaving Formula 2 at the end of last season.

Ferrari invested a lot in a new simulator system, which was put into operation for the 2022 season after tests towards the end of last year.

Schwarzman says that the lack of a racing program this year gave him the opportunity to "immerse yourself in the Ferrari racing team", with his tasks in the simulator being supplemented by private tests in the latest Formula 1 machines.

Schwarzman: "I'm completely focused on Formula 1"

He makes it clear that his goal is still to get a place in Formula 1 in the near future, but that it "a little early for him and Ferrari "Be to make a decision about his plans for 2023.

Max Verstappen: On one round, Ferrari is "almost unbeatable"

 Max Verstappen: On one round, Ferrari is © Motorsport Images Max Verstappen knows that Ferrari should be an advantage in Hungary Actually, Hungaroring should be as a racetrack for the strengths that the Red Bull for years have been attested, namely contact pressure and maneuverability. In fact, the Austrian-British team only won the Grand Prix of Hungary twice: in 2010 by Mark Webber and in 2014 by Daniel Ricciardo. "We somehow never got it here," says Max Verstappen before the Budapest race 2022.

"I will do my best to get a chance," says Schwarzman. "Of course I hope that the work I do this season will help me. To be honest, I have no real plan B that says that if I don't go to Formula 1, there will already be an alternative project . Sometimes I think about what I could do, but today I'm completely focused on Formula 1. "

Schwarzman via Pass: "Have reacted quickly"

Ferrari confirmed in April that Schwarzman would switch to an Israeli license to ensure that he was available for potential opportunities, including the planned training trips. Schwarzman was born in Tel Aviv and spent the first three years of his life in Israel.

"Of course I always had an Israeli passport, and that's why I decided to apply for a license in Israel when the situation between Russia and Ukraine deteriorated," says the Ferrari test driver.

"After all, I want to become a driver to reach Formula 1 is my only goal, and while I was waiting for the motorsport authorities to make the decisions that they then made, the need to ensure that I will be available again that I was available again Stand if Ferrari has to put me in the car. We reacted quickly not to miss any potential opportunities. "

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