Reviews: Porsche-Ace Vanthoor after a hard first DTM season half: "Is also on me"

Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered "at the front and behind not"

 Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered © provided by Handelsblatt A first tariff offer from Lufthansa had rejected Verdi. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = shortly before the next round of negotiations in early August Verdi increases the pressure. Passengers have to prepare for flight cancellations and delays. The all -clear kept briefly. As soon as the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport had reported ordered processes on the first major holiday weekend in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, a strike day announced.

Laurens Vanthoor stand trotz Porsche-Aufwind 2022 noch nicht auf dem Podest © Motorsport Images Laurens Vanthoor, despite Porsche-Wind 2022, has not yet been one of the best GT pilots the world and won the 24-hour classics in Le Mans, at the Nürburgring and in Spa. But why can't the 31-year-old SSR pilot get along at all in his DTM debut season? "I did not expect to get in and win the first race right away, but it is that it is going a little smoother," the Belgian also speaks in a conversation with '', but does not escape in excuses.

"I am a bit frustrated that I don't ride at the front. And it is due to many small things, even because of me," clarifies the Belgian.

does Laurens Vanthoor change his driving style?

Volkswagen still pays: 30 million for 3 years? - A debate about replacement of this

 Volkswagen still pays: 30 million for 3 years? - A debate about replacement of this investors criticize that this' contract has only recently been extended, although his departure has already emerged. Because that will be expensive now. © Carsten Koall/dpa recently extended his contract-and is therefore also entitled to a lot of money: ex-VW boss Herbert Diess. The replacement of VW CEO Herbert Diess planned in September by Porsche boss Oliver Blume caused frowning from some investors and industry experts.

Because Vanthoor is unable to drive the 911 GT3 R in the DTM as he is used to. "It's about how I usually drive the car," he says. "We cannot manage to get set-up as I need. We are now at a point where I have to consider changing my approach."

Vanthoor cannot explain why he cannot exhaust the extremely familiar racing car as he is used to. Especially since he usually doesn't have great adaptation difficulties. Apart from the DTM, this also applies this season: "Whether in Le Mans, in Spa or wherever - I always feel comfortable as it is, only here it doesn't go very smoothly."

Porsche project manager: "There is definitely no lack of talent"

at Porsche you can see the problem, especially in qualifying. "The tendency is that it is extremely well performed and very strong in the races-and in qualifying it still has a small topic," says Porsche's GT3 project manager Sebastian Golz in an interview with ''.

24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record

 24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record Lamborghini at the 24h Spa 2022 is on pole position: Andrea Caldarelli in the Huracan GT3 EVO #6 from K-Pax Racing has secured the best starting place at the 74th edition of the Belgian long-distance classic. © provided by 24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record result Superpole Caldarelli in the Superpole session at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps destroyed the route record that Ferrari driver Antonio Fuoco had only set up in qualifying on Thursday

how to help the veteran? "We are looking for together - and I hope that we have all the building blocks together after the Norisring to know where the last one is missing. Because the talent is definitely not missing."

Vanthoor's helplessness became visible this year after the disappointing Saturday qualifying in Imola in a tweet when the Belgian did not get beyond starting place 17 despite the third starting place from brand colleague Thomas Preining. "Looking for a Driver Coach. Forgot My Talent in Le Mans," he asked himself on 'Twitter' when he was brought back to the ground of the facts after the strong weekend at the Sarthe in the DTM.

Vanthoor's Frust-Tweet: How it came about

"Such tweets are created when you are frustrated," says Vanthoor when he is asked about it. "I came from Le Mans, where I did really well and felt good. And that also applied to others. And then you are suddenly 17 in qualifying." He describes the circumstances.

clear goal of AMG pilot Maro Engel: "Win as many races as possible"

 clear goal of AMG pilot Maro Engel: © ADAC Motorsport Maro Engel wants to show the tail with the Mamba with a blow of absolute top favorite: 24h spa winner Raffaele Marciello At the ADAC GT Masters at the Nürburgring with Mercedes-AMG performance driver Maro Engel, an absolute top-class player as a teammate on the Landgraf Mercedes #48. and Engel, which has recently become fourth with the long-distance classic in Spa, has high goals. The German speaks to '' of wanting to win "as many races as possible" and to

"This is the frustration that comes up. Over the years I have tried to avoid these postings that you do ten minutes later, but I don't always succeed." Except for his own problem, the situation does not make the situation easier, since his team and manufacturer are also new to the DTM. "It is a championship that has a very special character-and you don't have much time," Vanthoor points out to the GT3 excavation role of the DTM that the set-up is tailored to a pilot and you hardly have any training time.

Little training time as a disadvantage for Vanthoor

"In addition there are others who have been familiar with these routes and this format for many years. If you are falling behind, it is difficult to catch up. But I still think that We've caught up with the deficit at some point. Hopefully it doesn't take so long. Sometimes a project works right away - and sometimes it takes a little longer to click. "

Like Master Maximilian Götz

, who also has difficulties in the Winward Mercedes this year, Vanthoor also attributes his start-up difficulties to the high performance density and the lack of possibilities to get weaknesses under control.

"It is a championship in which everything is so close together. There are so little travel time. There are routes where certain teams and drivers have been driving for so many years. You have no time to catch up because there is Only twice 45 minutes of training - and then qualifying comes. If you are not sorted out 100 percent, then you are behind. That was the difficulty so far. "

report: Blume wants to run Volkswagen and Porsche .
The new Volkswagen boss Oliver Blume wants to keep the management of the car company and the daughter Porsche in the long run. "For me, the double function was a prerequisite," said Blume the "Bild am Sonntag". "The two roles are ideally complemented: surgically closely integrated into the processes and technologies of a brand in order to strategically make the right decisions in the group." © Sven Hoppe/dpa Oliver Blume during the IAA in Munich.

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