Reviews: Marc Surer: Ferrari has to release the whole strategy team

after the debacle at the Formula 1 race in France: maximum penalty for Ferrari

 after the debacle at the Formula 1 race in France: maximum penalty for Ferrari Ferrari has the better car, but Red Bull has won eight out of twelve races. Shortly after half-time, seven times winner Max Verstappen (24) in Formula 1 driver's World Cup leads with a 63 lead before the three times successful Charles Leclerc (24). High penalty for Ferrari: The flying Dutchman almost feels pity with the red.

Der Regen über dem Ferrari-Kommandostand: ein Sinnbild © Motorsport Images The rain above the Ferrari command stand: a symbol

"The strategists belong", is Formula 1 expert Marc Surer's clear conclusion about the latest misery at Ferrari . A few months ago, Charles Leclerc had a comfortable lead in the driver's World Cup, which has now become an behind 80 points on World Cup leader Max Verstappen.

Leclerc horror balance: Despite the sometimes fastest car, the Monegasse was only on the podium once on the past eight (!). The reasons for the bad results were of their own mistakes such as in France and a lack of reliability such as Baku and Spain, but also bad strategy errors by Ferrari such as in Monaco, Silverstone and finally in Hungary.

Honda hopes for test comeback by Marc Marquez in 2022

 Honda hopes for test comeback by Marc Marquez in 2022 © Motorsport Images Marquez and Alberto Puig in Mugello at the end of May when the fourth surgical date in the Honda plant in the MotoGP World Cup is hoped that the currently hopes Non -operational star pilot Marc Marquez can get back to RC213V before the end of the year, even if "only" for test drives. Because in the sense of the technical development of the bike for 2023, Marquez is extremely important for the technicians of the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC).

"You can only shake your head that you just make it a wrong decision again and again," says Surer in a new video on the YouTube channel from Channel ( now for free now and for free No more Formula 1 video missed ). "I would fire the people from the strategy!"

excuse of binotto "weak"

Surer criticizes the decision in France to bring Carlos Sainz to the box after his successful maneuver against Sergio Perez, although the Spaniard still had intact mature, and also the decision in Budapest, To give the leading Leclerc tire tires, which then only finished sixth.

"So how to do so much wrong, it's incredible," says Surer.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto had defended his team after the race in Hungary and said that the car was too slow anyway. For Surer, however, this has so far been Ferrari's "weakest" explanation: "Yes, if you do the wrong tires on it - before that he cited the race - then it is really too slow ..."

Max Verstappen: On one round, Ferrari is "almost unbeatable"

 Max Verstappen: On one round, Ferrari is © Motorsport Images Max Verstappen knows that Ferrari should be an advantage in Hungary Actually, Hungaroring should be as a racetrack for the strengths that the Red Bull for years have been attested, namely contact pressure and maneuverability. In fact, the Austrian-British team only won the Grand Prix of Hungary twice: in 2010 by Mark Webber and in 2014 by Daniel Ricciardo. "We somehow never got it here," says Max Verstappen before the Budapest race 2022.

Surer misses guided tour

The Swiss Also the team boss, who shouldn't always try to cover his team. "But somehow one from the top should actually say something: 'What are they actually doing? We have the fastest car in the field.'"

The former Ferrari President Enzo Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo or Sergio Marchionne would certainly have clear in such a situation The edge was shown and were known to pronounce the unpleasant truth and thus put the team under pressure. Surer currently does not see such a tour and such a strong man under John Elkann.

According to him, it would be "urgently needed" that it will be intervened from above. "One that you also had in front of the camera and who also made an announcement is missing now," he says. "And that may be the case, which is why it is now rippling."

The whole interview with Formula 1 expert Marc Surer is now in full length (11:19 minutes) on the YouTube channel from as a video.

Robert Schwarzman before FT1 with Ferrari: "Formula 1 is my only goal!" .
Ferrari junior Robert Schwarzman is "a bit excited" before his debut at Ferrari on a Formula 1 racing weekend later this season when he will take part in two training sessions. The Ferrari test driver Schwarzman will meet Ferrari's requirements for young drivers for the training sessions in 2022 and contest two FT1 sessions in the last nine races. According to the new rules, every regular driver has to vacate their place for a rookie once in the season.

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