Reviews: Premiere of "House of the Dragon": A dragon egg on Mercedes-Platz

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 slipstream coup! Ferrari duped Verstappen Charles Leclerc gets the pole position for the Grand Prix of France. Ferrari uses a clever trick. The pressure on world champion Max Verstappen is growing. Sebastian Vettel misses the top 10. © provided by Windshadow Coup! Ferrari duped Verstappen that was once a successful move by Scuderia for a change! Thanks to the active support of his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc has the pole position for the Grand Prix of France ( Sunday from 3 p.m.

For many Berliners, Mercedes-Platz always has something apocalyptic, but last Monday evening this atmosphere accepted new dimensions. In front of the arena swept storm gusts over the fountain field, where otherwise children and sweating adults jump over the nozzles. People held their summer hats, pinch their eyes together to protect them from dust and dirt, fled, driven by the loudly thunder rumble, into the system catering around them.

  Premiere von „House of the Dragon“: Ein Drachenei auf dem Mercedes-Platz © provided by Berliner Zeitung

connoisseurs of the world of American fantasy author George R. R. Martin Wissen: On the island of Dragonstone is always such a weather. So not a bad prerequisites to present the new series from the "Game of Thrones" universe, even if the Sky company would certainly have wished for more photos of fans before the dragon's premiere.

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The scaly, red-illuminated structure was then largely untouched because of the rain that was soon pounding down, just like the black banners with the red three-person kite, the sign of the House of Targaryen, whose history is told in the prequel series "House of the Dragon" . In the UCI Luxe Kino, Sky, probably also to apply for the freshly renamed streaming service "Wow" ("Streaming has never been so wow"), the reporting of the red carpet at the premiere in London, where singer and moderator Patrice next to the Shakespeare Stor spoke at Leicester Square with cast and crew.

The Berlin audience disappointed something with its high influencer and low fan quota, there were no robes, light blond wigs or fabric kites far and wide. Every second respondent in front of the WoW microphone in the UCI admitted that he had never seen a episode of "Game of Thrones", "no problem" was always the answer, after all, the new series plays about 200 years before. Perfect entry.

The first one -hour episode then kept this promise. Stylistically, the series cannot be distinguished from the original, which should be delighted by most fans, just like the significantly higher dragon density. In the coming autumn, these will not only fight for the rule over Westeros, but also the streaming market. On September second, Jeff Bezos sends them to the Tolkien adaptation "The Rings of Power" at Amazon Prime.

The first episode of "House of the Dragon" will be available on Sky Atlantic on the night of August 22 at the Streaming Service Wow and via Sky Q and run on Sky Atlantic at 8:15 p.m.

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