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bd. The beautiful cars of Lefranc

 bd. The beautiful cars of Lefranc © Casterman The cars of Lefranc. Book. The automobile occupies an important place in the BD series by Jacques Martin launched 70 years ago. A new comic book hero appears in 1952 in the Tintin newspaper. Born from the imagination of Jacques Martin - creator of Alix -, journalist Guy Lefranc hunts out dangerous thugs, including his eternal enemy Borg. Disappeared in 2010, Jacques Martin did not oppose his characters to survive him.

Martin Rütter now make up for the particularly large specimens of his favorite animal species: The self -proclaimed dog professional at RTL can be seen in a completely new dog show called " - with Martin Rütter ". It in his new show about the XXL variants of some four-legged friends who can turn their own owners' lives upside down.

Martin Rütter Hundeprofi © Imago / Future Image Martin Rütter HundeProfi

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GZSZ Shock: Finally, exit "Good times, bad times"? RTL+ and VOX add several series! Amazon: The best bargains of the day in the overview *

"How does a 92-kilo-Leonberger react when it is set to diet? And gets a Doggen bitch "Merry Christmas" finally puppy youngsters? In three episodes we look at the colorful everyday life of the super-size four-legged friends and their families. ”The first episode of the new Martin Rütter -Show will be broadcast on Sunday, September 11th from 4:45 p.m. The other two episodes are then broadcast on the same transmitter in the following two weeks.

On Rütter's actual stem station VOX, however, there are also new reference from the dog professional: From Saturday, August 20, new episodes of "The dog professional - Rütter team" will run from 7:10 p.m. A total of twelve new episodes of the show will be broadcast in the coming weeks.

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James Bond 007: Aston Martin DB5 from "No time to die" for 3.26 million euros auctioned .
at the beginning of the film "No time to die" 007 is chasing a chase in an Aston Martin DB5. It has now been auctioned for a millions - in addition to many other objects from 60 years of Bond. © Neil Hall/ EPA An Aston Martin DB5 from the latest James Bond film "No time to die" was auctioned for the equivalent of around 3.26 million euros (£ 2.92 million). The iconic car was used in a scene at the beginning of the action thriller.

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