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Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years

 Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years © Motorsport Images Fernando Alonso is currently the oldest driver in Formula-1 Formula 1 expert Marc Surer, why Alpine Fernando Alonso Wanted to give a one -year contract for 2023 with an option for another season in 2024 and not a multi -year contract, as Alonso has now found and signed it with Aston Martin. "The clock is ticking at Alonso. It may be able to continue in this form for a year or two.

The last time was by no means easy for Ina and Martin. Klein -Clara had to hand over the "in all friendship" couple to her biological father, who took the baby to Cologne. Since then, especially Ina has suffered a lot from the loss, since she already lost her biological son in a tragic accident. The doctor does not make it easier that her ex -husband Kai now has a common infant with Maria, of which Ina is often surrounded by the Ina in the Saxon Clinic and in private.

In aller Freundschaft: Trennen sich Martin und Ina? © MDR/Rudolf Wernicke in all friendship: Does Martin and Ina separate?

Martin feels that something is wrong with his girlfriend. In the next "in all friendship" episode, he offers her a conversation, which is acknowledged by Ina with a snort. "Talking? Klara doesn't come back either, right?" She replies in a bad mood. However, Martin does not let it get down and reacts with understanding: "I also miss them."

The radical rear wing of Aston Martin: What it means for the others

 The radical rear wing of Aston Martin: What it means for the others © Giorgio Piola The rear wing of Aston Martin for the first time. Because the rule keepers wanted to prevent some certain developments with clear formulations in order to achieve their overarching goal - namely better racing. But there is a plot twist. The teams have largely adhered to the intentions of the regulations, but that does not mean that there are no more innovative approaches. The creative designers let their muscles play and interpret the rules in their own way.

Finally Ina comes out that not only about Klara's departure does not hit her mood: "I miss us. I miss myself," she explains, and: "Does that still make sense?" Completely perplexed about this turn of the conversation, Martin caught: "Our relationship? We got to know each other without Klara." But his words are not heard at Ina. "And then we banged from crisis to crisis, or not?", She explains with bitterness. Martin only has one question: "Do you want us to separate?" Ina denies that, but when Martin wants to know what she wanted, Ina cannot give him a satisfactory answer. She just doesn't know, said Martin's partner.

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The conversation with Ina does not let go of Martin. At a quiet moment, he is therefore related to Maria to talk about his relationship. "Ina opened me that she doesn't know whether our relationship still makes sense. She says she doesn't know what she wants," says Martin. His girlfriend is visibly surprised, but tries to hide this and responds to Martin: "I understand. And you?" Maria wants to know. "I want her," says Martin with a desperate undertone in his voice.

Jorge Martin: "Want to go to the Ducati works team, but I don't know anything"

 Jorge Martin: © Motorsport Images Jorge Martin sees himself in an upward trend at the Grand Prix of Austria, a duel is the focus this weekend. Spielberg will be the decisive race for Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin. Afterwards Ducati wants to make the decision who will switch to the factory team next year. Francesco Bagnaia's teammate is to be presented at the home race in Misano in early September. Bastianini won three races in the current season. The Italian is fourth with 118 points.

Maria believes how Martin should proceed: "It is definitely not easy for her. Give her a little time," she advises him. This in turn is not easy, as he explains. "I know. But if relationships were just, they wouldn't mean that much to us," Maria is certain. Different than Martin: "You mean that it strengthens our relationship?" In the best case, yes, believes Maria. But when Martin asks what is happening in the worst case, Maria owes him an answer. Actually, you both know how this would be ...

will it really be separated? After the last few weeks, "in all friendship" fans had speculated that Ina and Martin would start their own little family and to develop their relationship again. Let's hope that we are not entirely wrong!


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