Reviews: GZSZ: An old acquaintance gives Martin an alibi - he comes free!

Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years

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for Lilly (Iris Mareike) , Toni (Olivia Marei) and the spectators equally a shock: Martin (Oliver Franck) Nihat (Timur ülker) attacked and beat him out with a wooden slat. And he gets away with it!

GZSZ Toni und Martin © Rolf / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Toni and Martin GZSZ: Martin has an alibi

as Toni learned about her colleagues in the area, Martin has an alibi. At the time when Nihat went to the ground, he allegedly helped an old friend whom he knows from his time as a homeless person. "You let him go," Toni Lilly and Erik (Patrick Heinrich) have to explain. Stunned!

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GZSZ newcomer: It is not an unknown GZSZ shock: Toni completely separates! Don't miss : Secure the hottest deals at Amazon!* GZSZ: Erik threatens Martin Finally, there is a confrontation between Toni, Erik and Martin. The two ask him kindly and determined to buy a train ticket and leave Berlin. "Whatever you imagined with Lilly, it won't happen," explains Toni. When Martin refuses, Erik's collar bursts. He threatens to do the same thing as this Nihat…

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GZSZ | Shock around Martin: Tat weapon is placed anonymously with Nihat! .
currently try Emily (Anne Menden) and Nihat (Timur ülker) everything, to cover up that you are injured Martin (Oliver Franck) in the presence of Lilly (Iris Mareike) Have overthrew Havel. © Rolf / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Nihat Martin As we see in the new GZSZ episodes, the guilty conscience is particularly plagued. After all, it was he who put Martin a hard blow with a metal stick before Emily promoted the culprit into the water.

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