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Family & Relationships: Blackout: In an emergency, these precautions and measures take a comprehensive consequences in an emergency

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. Various plans were designed for the emergency to protect the citizens. However, these should also take precautions themselves.

KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/GettyImages © provided by Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/GettyIMAGES Crisis -like situations in the electricity system unlikely - but not to be ruled out

The presentation of a nationwide and long -lasting power failure in Germany, a so -called blackout, is worrying. Almost the entire public life and the private life of each individual citizen would be directly or indirectly affected if there was a failure of the power supply. While the consequences of temporary and local power failures were limited in the past, a comprehensive blackout would be extremely difficult to maintain the critical infrastructure. The water supply would be just as impaired as the food supply, to name just two examples. In a press release, the Federal Government estimates the entry of such a disaster scenario as "very unlikely", but it was not - even in view of the current energy crisis.

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State secures its own ability to act

Despite the low probability of occurrence of such a disaster scenario, the federal government, the states and municipalities have taken care of in the event of cases. The main focus of public precautionary measures is to maintain the ability of the authorities and ministries' ability to act in the core areas of the state, including the administration, courts or digital infrastructure.

The public precautions for the protection of the civilian population are limited. In addition to the federal food stocks, which according to Business Insider are stored at 150 secret places in Germany, the individual federal states and municipalities have also taken precautions of different levels. A spokeswoman for the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, for example, reported that the supply of food was guaranteed over a longer period of time in the event of a disaster. However, this is not the case in Germany, the same applies to the availability of emergency generators for the population at central contact points.

citizens in the obligation

regardless of the efforts and preparations of public institutions are limited by the resources that the state can provide for the civilian population. If a nationwide and persistent disaster scenario occurs, the state cannot meet every need. Therefore, it is also important for private households to prepare for an emergency. Central precautions that should be taken are the creation of water and food supplies and the equipment with medication. In addition, a collection of important documents and documents should be at hand in order to be able to act quickly in an emergency. Lorenz / editor

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