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Family & Relationships: 9 tips: How to keep the costs of the wedding under control

Time Travel May Be the Newest Wedding Craze

  Time Travel May Be the Newest Wedding Craze No DeLorean required.

The wedding day should be the most beautiful day in life. If you know the right tricks and tricks, you can do both: experience a dream day and save a lot at the same time

Gewusst wie: So bleibt die Hochzeit bezahlbar © iStock How to make the wedding affordable

If the wedding day is to be an unforgettable experience, everything must be right: the number of guests, the decoration , the invitation cards , the food, the rings, the dress, the suit ... There are quickly tens of thousands of euros. There are usually money gifts from the guests for the wedding, but they usually do not cover all costs. But you can also save money at the wedding without having a guilty conscience or spoiling the day. We reveal how.

Here's Why We Have a Specific Finger Designated For Wedding Bands

  Here's Why We Have a Specific Finger Designated For Wedding Bands Few moments in life are as steeped in tradition as weddings. From the ceremony to the reception, even down to the dress, the list of historical and cultural conventions seems never-ending . But in recent years, more modern couples are choosing to break with tradition and make their wedding something that's truly their own. Some wedding traditions can seem arbitrary, like wearing our rings on the third finger of our left hands. While you may choose to ignore certain traditions, this wedding convention goes back centuries.

1. Set a budget

As soon as the wedding plans become more concrete, many couples tend to start planning with anticipation. You may already be looking for places of interest for the celebration without first knowing how much money you actually want or can spend on the wedding. However, this should always be the first step. Because if you know from the start how much money is available to you, you can save yourself disappointments.

2. Set priorities

Be clear about what is really important to you at the wedding. In these areas, you should take the liberty to show off a little. However, be aware that you need to save the money elsewhere.

By the way: Brides regret this mistake the most after the wedding.

3. Use a budget calculator

At a wedding there is so much to organize, to get and, above all, to pay that you quickly lose track. To avoid this, you should keep a record of what you are planning for which amount from the start. Ideally, the program automatically delivers an expected total. At the beginning of the planning phase, rough estimates are sufficient, which you then gradually replace with concrete numbers. So you can quickly see what you are spending how much for and where you can still save.

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4. Hire a wedding planner

This may seem absurd at first, because of course a wedding planner also wants to make money. But it is still worth hiring a professional. Because he knows from experience where there are cost traps and can draw your attention to it early if you are on the point of breaking your budget. In addition, wedding planners usually have good contacts that allow one or the other price reduction.

5. Also consider the little things

And no matter how carefully you plan - there will always be some things you didn't think about. You should take this into account at the very beginning of the cost breakdown. Even if you have no idea what additional costs might arise, plan a certain amount for it. Your wedding planner can tell you what amount makes sense.

Here you will find wonderful wedding dresses for less than 500 euros.

6. Change the wedding date

Consider whether you really need to get married on a date with a booze count or on a Saturday in early summer. The chosen day has a decisive influence on the expected costs. Because, of course, providers of wedding venues also know that certain times are in high demand and raise prices accordingly. It doesn't have to be the deepest winter, but a wedding e.g. B. Autumn can also be beautiful.

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7. Rethink the guest list

The wedding is perhaps the most important day in your life. Of course you want to share it with as many people as possible. But as nice as it is to really have every friend and colleague with you - each additional person means one more menu, more drinks once more, from a certain number a larger space needs to be created, so it's best to create your guest list like this: calculate (or leave out) You calculate from your wedding planner), which costs and with which number of persons you will have to face. Then create a guest list and start it with the people who should always be there (parents, siblings ...), then the people you can do without the second (e.g. friends), then follow the more distant acquaintances (colleagues, club acquaintances, etc.). As soon as the maximum number of guests has been reached, close the list.

8. Save on alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are an enormous cost factor at a wedding. Instead of giving your guests free choice at the bar, you can limit costs by limiting the drinks on offer to wine, beer, and certain cocktails.

9. Read the contracts carefully

You will be confronted with plenty of contracts when planning your wedding. Read them particularly carefully. This not only protects you from cost traps. This also gives you the option of writing down due dates. This way you always know when you owe which amount of money to whom and avoid unnecessary reminder fees.

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