Family & Relationships: Alex Jones's ex-wife will seek his phone records for her custody case against him after lawyer 'messed up' and shared texts in court

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Alex Jones. Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call © Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call Alex Jones. Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
  • Kelly Jones, Alex Jones's ex-wife, plans to subpoena the InfoWars host's phone records.
  • She told Insider that after his lawyer accidentally shared his phone records, she could benefit from the evidence.
  • The two are locked in a custody battle that has been ongoing since 2017.

Alex Jones' ex-wife Kelly Jones wants access to a treasure chest of information — several years of phone records, thanks to a mess-up from Alex Jones's attorneys.

Kelly Jones told Insider that, like the January 6 committee, she is eager to subpoena phone records, and that she believes that they could vindicate her claims in an ongoing child custody battle Alex Jones.

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"I know the texts and information on his phone will be evidence of all the nefarious, truly conspiratorial things said between him and his employees in their plans to keep my kids from me," Jones told Insider on Wednesday. "It's not even about my kids, it's about control. Controlling me."

On Wednesday, Alex Jones was dealt a blow in the defamation suit brought against him by the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim. Jones spent years pushing conspiracies about the victims of the shooting, saying that the children were "crisis actors," and that the shooting was a "hoax."

A lawyer representing the parents told Jones that his attorneys "messed up" and sent a copy of Jones' phone records going back two years, stunning the courtroom.

Kelly Jones said she plans on trying to use the evidence to vacate the litigation against her.

Documents related to the litigation between Alex Jones and his ex-wife are currently sealed in family court. An attorney for Alex Jones did not immediately return Insider's request for comment on Kelly Jones' claims.

"Definitely will subpoena this info! Another stunning and unbelievable attorney gaffe by Alex Jones' attorneys," Kelly Jones tweeted on Wednesday.

Kelly Jones told Insider that after she filed for divorce in 2013, their custody battle for their three children was initially settled in 2017, but she claims that he did not respect parental rights. She claimed to Insider that the phone data could prove that Alex Jones was saying "horrible" things to their children and that he forced them to lie about her in court.

"I didn't have a choice," Kelly Jones told Insider about her custody battle. "They are my kids. I am a mother. I would do anything."

Kelly Jones also told Insider that Jones has been non-compliant in that case. She claimed that during the final mediation for custody of her youngest child and parental visitation rights of her second child on January 5, 2021, where they were set to discuss child care payments, Alex Jones didn't show.

"He's like a rattlesnake," she told Insider. "I pray that the Sandy Hook parents get justice."

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