Food: What to Order at SriThai Kitchen, A New Restaurant at Emory Point

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There's a new hot spot in town that's walking distance from campus: SriThai has officially opened at Emory Point. They offer a variety of Thai classics and even sushi rolls. The three recommended fan favorite dishes are listed and ranked below.

SriThai © Stephanie Yormack SriThai

#3: Veggie Tofu Fried Rice

The Veggie Tofu Fried Rice was my third favorite of the three dishes. It was colorful and filled with plenty of vegetables that many fried rice dishes fail to incorporate. This dish is perfect for anyone who is vegetarian and looking for something tasty. They also offer other protein options including chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, or squid. The options are endless, and it was actually really hard to choose which one to order.

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SriThai © Stephanie Yormack SriThai

#2: Spicy Basil Chicken

The chicken came in a delicious, flavorful sauce with some sautéed peppers and a side of white rice. They can make the dish spicy, medium, or mild, so don't worry if the word "spicy" throws you off. The dish may sound pretty simple, but it's packed with flavor. I definitely recommend using the side of rice and mixing it in with the chicken.

SriThai © Stephanie Yormack SriThai

#1: Veggie Tofu Pad Thai

Although each dish was better than the next, this one takes the crown. The Pad Thai comes with the typical additions of bean sprouts, lime, eggs, and crushed peanuts, but it comes in a unique sauce. The dish was tinted orange, which I had never witnessed before in a Pad Thai dish, and I think that is their secret weapon. Protein options for this dish include tofu, chicken, or shrimp. 10/10 would recommend.

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The other fan favorite that I didn't get to try was the Thai Sampler which included four different Thai appetizers such as fried calamari, spring rolls, chicken satay, and gyoza dumplings. Additionally, the restaurant itself was pretty quiet, so the service was great.

Need a break from the campus dining hall or looking for a new dinner spot? SriThai is perfect because of the yummy food, affordable prices, and proximity to campus. The portion sizes are also pretty big and perfect for sharing—or even better as leftovers, so grab a few friends and walk over now.

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