Food: geodata for Neißeradweg are digitally available

44 Things That Are So Cozy & Cute, You'll Wear The Crap Out Of Them

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The direct route planning on the smartphone is still not possible. The reason for this is not in the region.

Radfahrer können jetzt auf die Geodaten des Oder-Neiße-Radweges zurückgreifen. Bei der Routenplanung am Smartphone hilft ihnen das aber noch nicht. © Archiv/Florian Gärtner © Archiv/Florian Gärtner Cyclists can now fall back on the geodata of the Oder-Neisse cycle path. This does not help you with route planning on the smartphone. © Archive/Florian Gärtner

The Oder-Neisse cycle path becomes more user-friendly. The Radnetz Germany office in the Federal Office of Fruance now provides the geodata, which has been announced for a long time, for the approximately 640 kilometer route through the federal states of Saxony, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The authority announced this on SZ request.

Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Cheap, Comfy Clothes Trending On Amazon

  Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Cheap, Comfy Clothes Trending On Amazon Lately, reviewers have been raving about pieces that are as affordable as they are fashionable.Thanks to Amazon’s review section, it’s easy to get a true sense of how an item fits, feels, and looks on customers that are just like you. Lately, reviewers have been raving about pieces that are as affordable as they are fashionable so I thought everyone should know about these gems.

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The bike network Germany comprises twelve so-called D routes, as well as the bike path German unity and the German part of the Iron Curtain Trail, a Europe-wide route from Barentssee to the Black Sea. The Oder-Neisse cycle path is the No. 12 of the D routes, a touristy-important network of long-distance cycle paths.

Information on gradients and accessibility

The geodata to be downloaded to the smartphone as GPX tracks are intended to serve bike tourists as a planning and decision-making basis for their excursions. App developers can use the data for additional offers from tourism and marketing companies. In the near future, information on quality, surface quality, gradients and accessibility should be added.

Chic Clothing Trending On Amazon That's Cheap AF

  Chic Clothing Trending On Amazon That's Cheap AF Get what's hot — and conveniently cheap — on Amazon to restock your wardrobe.If you want to add effortlessly chic pieces to your wardrobe but don’t exactly feel like going into debt for them, you’ve come to the right place. Not only have we searched high and low to find chic clothing that’s cheap AF, all these pieces are trending on Amazon, so you know they’re good. Plus, they can be on your doorstep within two days.

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direct route planning is not yet possible for the Oder-Neisse cycle path on the website set up by the BAG. The reason: In addition to Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony is part of the federal states that have not yet participated in the project. may also be a reason why the Oder-Neisse bike path for the cycling analysis of the general German bicycle club for 2022 is only in position 22 of the most popular German cycle paths and has thus fallen behind other routes.

The geodata of the Oder-Neisse cycle path is also exciting on the Internet at


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Cozy Clothing That Looks Good On Everyone & Is So Freaking Cheap .
For an OOTD that's comfy, looks good on anyone, and is unbelievably cheap — look no further.I have a conundrum that I struggle with on a daily basis: I always want new clothes, but I never want to spend money. I tend to have multiple tabs of online clothing retailers open on my laptop at all times, each one with virtual carts filled to the brim with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and accessories. But I never actually go through with buying them, because I know I’ll kick myself later for dropping an entire month’s rent on jeans and sweaters.

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