Food: Cyril Lignac: This is the secret of his tatin banana cake, it's the perfect soft dessert to savor in front of "all in the kitchen"

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Economic, easy to make and rich in flavors, the Banana Bread seduces young and old Gourmands. Cyril Lignac is no exception to the rule and reveals his version of this essential cake of the…

Cyril Lignac is on all fronts. While he is about to take the reins of his flagship program, all in the kitchen, menu of parties (M6), next Monday, the chef continues to delight his Instagram subscribers with ever more attractive creations. Latest: Banana BREAD . Star dessert in the United States, where it draws its origins, this cake traditionally comes in the form of a cake. But not at Cyril Lignac who chooses to revisit him in French sauce, in Tatin version ... To do this, the chef begins by placing parchment paper at the bottom of a round mold. Then he places on it pieces of whole bananas cut lengthwise, before brushing the caramel fruits. The cooking finished, Cyril Lignac simply returns the cake mold on a plate, as he would for the famous Tatin pie. Clever and very greedy! Tempted by this original dessert?

Here is the real Tatin pie recipe: published in 1921, it reveals the 3 secrets to succeed

 Here is the real Tatin pie recipe: published in 1921, it reveals the 3 secrets to succeed delicious caramelized apples and a melting paste ... The tarte tatin, the most famous of overturned pies, is one of the essential desserts of our gastronomy. But what is its ... is a monument of French gastronomy. Apples, sugar, butter and a beautiful fine dough, the tarte tatin has ravaged the sweet beaks for over 100 years. Simple lovers of desserts or great chefs, everyone has their own version of this apple pie with the back and served in the place.

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Here is the recipe for Banana BREAD by Cyril Lignac:

Ingredients for 4 People:

3 whole bananas peeled

for caramel:

100 g of powdered sugar 13 g soft butter 50 g of whole liquid cream 2 g of Guérande salt

for cake preparation:

200 g of bananas 100 g of soft butter 150 g of brown sugar 2 eggs 160 g of flour 8 g of baking powder 70 g of chopped hazelnuts

Preheat the oven to 155 ° C.

Place a circle of parchment paper in the bottom of a missing mold. Cut the whole bananas lengthwise then place them on the flat side in the bottom of the mold. Garnish the bottom of the dish using half bananas for the sides.

In a frying pan, pour the sugar and form a dry blond caramel, then add the butter off the heat and then pour the cream, watch out for the steam escapes from the pan. Finish with the fleur de sel. Pour the decuit caramel over the bananas.

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In a bowl, crush with a fork the bananas then add the sugar, flour and yeast. Mix with a spatula, add the melted butter and the eggs then the hazelnuts. You can replace the hazelnuts with pecans or chocolate chips if you wish.

Pour the preparation into the mold and tamp slightly while tapping. Bake for 45 minutes.

At the end of cooking, place the mold on a rack and let stand for 30 minutes then unmold on a dish and remove the sheet of parchment paper.

recette banana bread © supplied by FEMINA Banana BREAD

version Traditionally, the American banana BREAD comes in the form of a cake.

recette banana bread © supplied by FEMINA version Banana BREAD RECIPE

NOOD, PECAN NOOS, Chocolate chips ... Banana BREAD lends itself to many variations.

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