Food: What's The Difference Between Naan And Pita?

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Sweet potatoes and yams, soybeans and chickpeas, bananas and plantains, parsley and cilantro, peaches and nectarines. These are just a few of the many foods that look similar to each other and are, therefore, often mistaken for one another, as Bright Side explains. Naan and pita are another example of two foods that look a lot alike, but have a few key differences.

Naan on a wooden board © Svetlana Monyakova/Shutterstock Naan on a wooden board

Both are types of flatbread made with flour, and both have the same muted yellow color. Both breads also originated outside of the United States, according to Busby's Bakery. They also share a similar baking process, in that they're both, "mixed, kneaded and then left to rest for an hour or so."

Bread recipe: focaccia, pita, naan, 3 fast -house recipes to imagine again on vacation

 Bread recipe: focaccia, pita, naan, 3 fast -house recipes to imagine again on vacation your browser does not support this video this summer, our aperitifs often turned around breads to garnish with houmous or Other gourmet preparations. For the start of the school year, we continue on this beautiful momentum by making these exotic bread recipes. It's practical, fast and it likes everyone! The breads to garnish yourself like The Pita and The Naan , we love it. Those who arrive hot on the table like The Focaccia too! They animate the aperitifs like the big tables.

But despite these many shared qualities between the two flatbreads, naan and pita differ quite a bit in ingredients, shape and texture, countries of origin, and nutrients. Also -- perhaps to the interest of many -- one bread is considered to be healthier than the other based on its nutritional value. Here's what to know about the difference between naan and pita.

The Breads Hail From Two Parts Of Asia

Pita bread under a cloth on a wooden table © A_namenko/Getty Images Pita bread under a cloth on a wooden table

ScienceDirect defines pita as a, "circular, leavened double-layered flat bread that originated in the Middle East." It requires only a few ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, and water. Pita, also known as pocket bread, is commonly served in Mediterranean restaurants.

The student menu: carrot-coco soup, pita school and compote

 The student menu: carrot-coco soup, pita school and compote every Tuesday, Liberation now offers you a student menu, complete, at low prices and easy to make: starter, main and dessert, for 3 to 5 euros per head. And as students rarely have 15 square meters kitchens and a sublimat of utensils, we stick to a classic trousseau: knife, peeler, cutting board, whisk, dish, pan and pan, salad spinner or tea towels , minifour, baking sheet and diver (or blender) and basta mixer. Today, carrot-coco soup (90 cents), a Pita Schnitzel (3.10 euros per portion), and

The "pocket bread" description stems from the fact that the bread has a hollow center and can be stuffed with meats, vegetables, and other foods. According to Verywell Fit, pita has a "billowy texture" and is considered a low-fat food. It also contains several vitamins and minerals, and offers a range of health benefits, including its ability to lower glucose levels and aid in digestion.

Naan, on the other hand, is described as an, "unique and popular flatbread with a chewy texture that has roots in India," and is often in a tear-drop shape, according to TasteAtlas. It's made with the same four ingredients as pita, with the addition of eggs, milk, and sugar. However, Busby's Bakery claims a naan recipe can contain yogurt, oil, or butter can also be used.

Like pita, this fluffy Indian flatbread offers several nutrients, including iron, protein, and B vitamins (via Healthline), but which one is healthier? Healthline names naan as the winner, since it contains more nutrients than pita. Naan offers more protein and fiber, but if sugar and carbs are a concern for you, pita may be the better choice between the two.

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