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Food: breakfast television: Moderator attracts every view of

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Moderatorin Alina Merkau vom Sat.1-„Frühstücksfernsehen“ (hier zu sehen auf einem Instagram-Selfie im Mai 2021) sorgt mit einem Foto für Furore. © Instagram/Alinamerkau moderator Alina Merkau from Sat.1 "Breakfast TV" (to see here on an Instagram selfie in May 2021) causes a sensation with a photo.

on Tuesday (December 6th) was celebrated almost all over the world in Nicholas. Of course, those responsible at Sat.1 “Breakfast TV” also know that.

The fans of the morning show therefore expected a nice surprise in the show on Tuesday: the entire studio was festively decorated!

Sat.1- "Früchtück TV": Alina Merkau enchants fans in the red dress

The social media team from the Sat.1 "Breakfast TV" shared a number of four photos on Instagram : A Christmas tree as well as a number of garlands and light chains that are supposed to dive the studio in a festive mood.

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But many fans had no eyes for the elaborate decoration at all - at least if you look at the comments below the corresponding series of pictures. Because moderator Alina Merkau (36) steel in the red dress everyone the show!

The dress was an ankle -long piece with leg slit. The dress combined Alina Merkau with high heels in the same color.

A total of she can be seen on two of the four pictures. On the first she poses with a smile and with her arms in the air together with co-moderator Romina Langenhahn. On the second snapshot, Alina Merkau is taking a selfie with pop star Sarah Connor (42).

Many fans couldn't get out of amazement. So a followers wrote: "Alina Merkau looks particularly magical today."

is apparently another follower. He simply commented on the snapshots with "hot, hot, hot".

Another fan praised in addition to Alina Merkau, Romina Langenhahn for her style of style: "Finally again beautiful and elegant outfits to see the moderators!"

So Alina Merkau came to Sat.1 "Breakfast TV"

Alina Merkau has been part of that October 2014 to the SAT.1 "breakfast television" team. She had previously studied applied media management and completed a traineeship at a radio station until 2013.

Alina Merkau was already in front of the camera as a child and adolescent: From 1996 to 2004 she played the role of Nina Sommerfeld in the ARD series “Dr. Sommerfeld - News from Bülowbogen ”. (Tab)

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