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Food: Do you see it too? Lidl customer asks the obvious question

Tesco, Asda, Lidl and co issue urgent recall of popular products

  Tesco, Asda, Lidl and co issue urgent recall of popular products For Colleen Harty, and the tens of thousands of people living in the aftermath of hurricane Ian, the storm is over. "Miserable, miserable," said Harty. But Ian will still threaten their health for months and years to come. In the first few weeks, experts say larger numbers of deep cuts or puncture wounds are common as people clean up and remove debris. Mold comes with the remaining flooding and water damage. That causes more lung irritation and respiratory illness like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Research shows high hemoglobin levels were more common in diabetics, which can lead to complications.And patients in need of a transplant may also feel an extra strain. SEE MORE: Help Those Affected By Hurricane Ian By Donating to Relief FundPublic health researcher and Floridian Sam Waddell recently published a study looking at the body of research about health impacts of hurricanes. She says it can be years before the mental toll comes into effect, especially in children. "After hurricane Katrina, the transplant list for those that had chronic kidney disease was much longer, simply because they either couldn't get to the doctor or transportation wise, they couldn't get those organs transplanted down to New Orleans," said Waddell.After Hurricane Katrina, researchers found PTSD symptoms surfaced up to four years after the disaster. "That onset could occur much, much later than just the weeks or months after the storm. And there is an increased risk of developing mental health and anxiety disorders in adulthood for those children who experience natural disasters at a young age," said Waddell. For people like Harty, the impacts may not be top of mind today, but public health experts think it will be a concern many days down the road.

Packung von Käsesticks Maasdamer © twitter/@zulu9 pack of cheese sticks Maasdamer do you see it too? Lidl-customer, after a view of the package of obvious question

regulations, precisely determine the ingredients thanks to what ingredients foods earn their names. However, a reference to a packaging leaves a Lidl customer disturbed.

Munich - There are foods where you don't really want to know what is in. On the other hand, information on ingredients is very useful - not just for allergy sufferers. Processed nuts or soy must be listed in the list of ingredients, as the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture informs.

The human body can also rebel against the absorption of cheese. So it can never hurt to refer to the processing of cheese. Was that also the reason why the lettering "now with cheese" was read on a pack in a supermarket cable compartment "now with cheese"? And red on yellow, with the background in cheese optics - with indicated holes. A real eye-catcher.

Aldi is selling a hot air fryer at broken prices this Wednesday, October 12

 Aldi is selling a hot air fryer at broken prices this Wednesday, October 12 Cook fries, nuggets or vegetables without (almost) adding cooking oil? This is the promise of hot air fryers. Good plan if you want to get one: Aldi will put this department on this ... is the new essential of Healthy cuisine lovers. As of this Wednesday, October 12, Aldi will offer for sale in its stores a hot air fryer at an unbeatable price, € 44, € 99. A price well below other models available commercially, sold on average between 80 and 300 €.

actually a prudent service. But in this case the customer reacted somewhat disturbed. Because the product, which is provided with the XXL note on cheese as an ingredient, it is "cheese sticks Maasdamer", which led to the question to Lidl via Twitter: "Uh, what was there before?"

video : The best Christmas spots 2022 by Lidl, Penny and Aldilidl surprised with reference to the ingredient: Cheese sticks Maasdam contain cheese

The further description on the pack is: "From cheese (Maasdamer) and a fresh cheese preparation, seasoned, shaped, in crispy breading, cooked, cooked, Fried, for renewed cheeks or roast. With wild-prize-minded dip. ”After six to seven minutes in the preheated oven, the cheese sticks are ready.

There are actually no questions left - except for what cheese sticks could contain instead of cheese without losing your name. Perhaps the Lidl customers should only be conjured up a smile on the face-according to the motto: Say 'Cheese!

is certain: Nobody will be surprised that these cheese sticks contain cheese. Because the manufacturer has undoubtedly fulfilled the obligation to identify this. It was initially not clear whether Lidl answered the question of the questions. (mg)

A Lidl customer loses a thick deposit bon - but the cashier raises her mood with a question. Another customer would have "almost cried" after a visit to Lidl - because of the amount to be paid. Meanwhile, an Aldi customer is pissed off because of a frozen vegetable mixture.

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