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Food: Cat Refuses To Give Up Stolen Fried Chicken in Hilarious Video: 'Worth It'

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One cat's steadfast refusal to hand over a piece of fried chicken is proving to be a source of considerable delight to pet lovers on social media.

Stock image of a cat eating fried chicken - one feline's refusal to relinquish a fried chicken drumstick has been delighting pet fans online. © istock/getty/Irham Rizki Stock image of a cat eating fried chicken - one feline's refusal to relinquish a fried chicken drumstick has been delighting pet fans online.

Footage of the feline with her jaws clamped tightly around a fried chicken leg was shared to TikTok by coachmeeks. It's already been watched over 10 million times, with cat fans marveling at the pet's refusal to relinquish the fast food favorite.

Check out the video here.

As many as four people can be seen attempting to prize the fried chicken out of the cat's jaws. The feline, for their part, appears none-too-happy about their attempts at taking away her deep fried snack and lets her feelings be known with a few growls and tail wags.

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In the clip, four people can be seen circling the cat, who is being held up to make the process slightly easier. Or at least, that was the idea. It quickly becomes apparent that this kitty is not going to give up their chicken without a fight.

"Just grab it," one woman on the video can be heard saying. "She's making cougar noises," another explains. Initial attempts to grab the chicken prove fruitless with the feline successfully swatting away any hand that comes near her.

It takes three of them to successfully rip the chicken away from the cat—one to hold her paws, one to hold her hind legs and another to grab the chicken.

Though cats are not necessarily associated with fried chicken and owners should probably steer clear of feeding them it on account of the bones, the species has been previously shown to enjoy fast food of this kind.

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Back in January 2017, Parks Victoria staff in Australia hit the headlines after it emerged they had been spending hundreds in government funds on KFC to lure feral cats in the local region.

Dr. Christopher Dickman, a biologist and feral cat expert from the University of Sydney, confirmed the use of fried chicken in catching these kinds of cats and other animals categorized as pests.

"There hasn't been any data published on it so the information we have is anecdotal, but it does work for luring feral cats, though mainly in urban areas," he told Guardian Australia.

"Cats in remote areas are more suspicious of new foods, but cats in urban areas are more used to living close to KFC outlets and are familiar with the smell. It is a popular bait with a strong aroma that is very attractive to carnivores."

The cat in this particular TikTok video certainly appears fond of fried chicken if the footage shared online is anything to go by. While it might not be a good choice of snack given the risks attached, many spoke up in support of the cat being given a bite of the fast food classic.

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Shell2650 spotted the cat "licking her lips at the end" in a clear indication she thought it was "worth it." Sammitysamsam also applauded the feline stating they "fought well," while shelandrystudio concluded: "That cat really wanted that chicken."

Elsewhere, viewers were quick to notice the reaction of a dog who can be seen looking sheepish in the background of the video. Catdansk was among those to spot "the dog backing away in fear and alarm," with markhalejr agreeing: "Even the dog in the back saying yall crazy for messing with that cat."

RCalabraro, meanwhile, concluded the cat probably came away from the entire experience declaring: "I regret nothing." She was certainly licking her lips.

Newsweek has contacted coachmeeks for comment.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? Send them to [email protected] with some details about your best friend and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.

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