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Food: Syria: International aid does not recipe

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International donors committed Tuesday to provide $ 6.4 billion in help from the Syrian people and its refugees, net down compared to the year Previous and well below the 10 billion target that the United Nations had set. View on Euronews

  Syrie : l'aide internationale ne fait pas recette © photo

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is getting worse as the coronavirus pandemic progresses. The conflict entered its eleventh year, the local currency is in free fall and the price of food does not cease to flambé.

To respond to the crisis, the European Union, the United States and dozens of other countries have promised $ 6.4 billion in favor of the Syrian people and its refugees, decreased in relation to the previous year and very below the target of $ 10 billion set by the United Nations.

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5.3 billion euros to fight against Syria ravage by war and help neighboring countries welcoming refugees.

"In addition to subsidies, international financial institutions and donors announced loans under preferential conditions of 5.9 billion euros or US $ 7 billion", Janez Lenarcic, the European Commissioner using the European Commissioner humanitarian.

90% of Syrians Under Poverty

at the annual conference that brought together more than 50 countries and financial organizations, the country's political situation has not been forgotten. For the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell he returns to Syrians to decide the future of Syria.

"The future of Syria does not belong to any faction, to any external power. It is up to the Syrians to shape their negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations. The Syrian regime must take action in this direction. If they Font, we will answer, "said Josep Borrel, the head of the European diplomacy.

The war killed hundreds of thousands of people and since 2011 half of the Syrian population had to flee. 90% of Syrians live today in poverty.

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