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Food: Don't Make This Major Meat-Cooking Mistake, New Study Warns

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  Chef David Rose shares his best grilling hacks, tools, and recipes Chef David Rose spoke with Insider about the hacks and tools he uses all year long to make tasty recipes on the grill. Here's what he said.To find out how to master it at home, Insider spoke with grilling expert David Rose, author of "EGGin': David Rose Cooks on the Big Green Egg" and executive chef of Omaha Steaks.

Have you ever experienced stomach pain after eating a pot roast for dinner? If so, you're likely not alone, according to new research.

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After analyzing how different methods of cooking meat affect the human body, an international team of food scientists was able to determine the best and worst ways to cook meat for your tummy. Roasting, as it turns out, is one of the absolute worst.

The researchers recently revealed their findings of how various ways of cooking meat impact "the digestibility of muscle proteins in the gastrointestinal tract" in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. The methods they examined were boiling, frying, grilling, microwave, roasting, sous-vide, steam cooking, and stewing.

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Here's the breakdown of how your body breaks down meat. (See what we did there?!) According to the findings, meat is most easily digested when cooked in a sous vide. This cooking method refers to preparing meat in a temperature-controlled water bath, oftentimes in a vacuum-sealed pouch. Per the researchers, a sous vide "can induce favorable changes . . . in muscle proteins and improve their digestibility."

Meanwhile, roasting and stewing meat were found to have the least desirable effects on digestion. According to the results, these two particular meat-cooking methods "can induce unfavorable changes," such as excess production of G.I. acid, an increase in compounds that can cause gas, and a "decrease [in] the susceptibility of proteins during gastrointestinal digestion."

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Perhaps this provides some solid insight as you plan your meals for the week ahead. The next time you feel a little tummy discomfort, don't forget to check out One Major Effect of Fasting, Says New Study.

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