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who charges his e-car at the house, can already get post from his landlord in retrospect. US-American Youtuberin "It's Kim Java" reports in one of her videos exactly about this situation. Also in Germany, the loading of an e-car can lead to high costs.

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Who drives with his electric car on vacation, should pay attention to some things. So not only a good loading infrastructure must be present, but also the question should be clarified: where can I load at all? And who bears the costs when I rebound the e-car at the holiday home? The Youtuberin "It's Kim Java" was confronted with such a situation.

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Youtuberin "It's Kim Java" talks about her experiences

The Youtuberin booked over the online portal "Airbnb" a holiday home in North Carolina and invited her Model X from Tesla to the household socket. After the holiday Kim received a letter from the landlord of the holiday home. This was wondered about charging the electric car on his socket, but tolerate it. He further wrote that after extensive exchange with other landlords, however, he wanted to stick the electricity tank in the future in the house rules. In the Youtuberin, the letter came into understanding. "Since more and more people switch to electric vehicles, that could be a big problem," says Kim in their video. However, she also made it clear that landlords could benefit from free charging options. Especially in the US, the loading of an electric car is not very expensive. "We have charged our car to two evenings and the costs amount to something more than a US dollar a day," says Youtuberin in your video.

in Germany can create high costs

in Germany these costs would be much higher. According to reports of the online portal "Efahrer", electricity costs for complete charging of a Tesla Model X can be more than 30 euros. In addition, according to the guidebook portal "" the electricity costs of a holiday home usually are usually paid by the tenant extra. It is best to talk to the landlord in advance if the e-car is to be loaded on the cottage, and to agree on a scheme. Editorial

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