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Food: Halloumi: How healthy is the brat cheese for barbecue or pan actually?

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in the pan or on the grill: It's not easier. Not only vegetarians appreciate Hellooumi, as the roast cheese is usually called a tasty alternative to meat. Even children can inspire for him because he squeaks so funny between the teeth. He barely squats taste. The question is only: he is considered as good, ie: healthy alternative to meat? Experts give information!

  Halloumi: Wie gesund ist der Bratkäse für Grill oder Pfanne tatsächlich? © Provided by Berliner Kurier

Brat, barbecue and pancer cheese can be from cow, goat or sheep's milk. The most famous of these many preparations is the halloumi. "The name is a protected designation of origin," says Jana Fischer from the consumer center Hamburg. In the EU, a cheese may only be sold as "halloumi" when it was produced in Cyprus.

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The cheese preparations for the pan may include ingredients such as chicken egg whites powder, starch, herbs, spices, thickeners, antioxidants and flavors. Parts also insert lemon juice, sugar and other additives in it. The cheese pieces are breaded or marinated. Astrid Donalies, Diplom-Ecotrophologist by the German Society for Nutrition in Bonn, therefore recommends to look at the ingredient list when shopping.

If you are looking for in vain, the product contains according to Jana Fischer only the ingredients necessary for the cheese production: these are milk ingredients, enzymes, microorganism cultures and salt.

All these cheeses are suitable for heating on the grill or in the pan. They then stay cutting-edge or at least not completely fluid. Astrid Donalies explains how this works: "After its production, the cheese is heated in whey so that he does not melt while grilling or roasting. The milk protein contained in the cheese hardens. "This so-called denaturation also causes the cheese squeaking after grilling when contacting the teeth.

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Other varieties that soften when heating are often offered for barbecue in aluminous. After all, the shells are mostly coated especially specially specially coated according to the consumer protector Fischer. In normal aluminum foil, acidic or salty foods such as embedded cheese should not be cooked or stored, because under the influence of acid and salt, the metal can dissolve partly, over the food and later land in the body later.

Often the cheese is offered as a vegetarian alternative to sausage or steak. But beware: "Such cheeses contain a lot of fat and thus provide plenty of energy," says nutritional expertine Donalies.

Halloumi, for example, contains around 30 grams of fat and 378 kilocalories (kcal) per 100 grams. A thick cheese slice can quite weigh up to 200 grams. Thus, an average adult woman had covered almost two fifths of her daily energy demand alone by the cheese. If the products are marinated or breaded, the fat content and thus the energy content can be even higher. Therefore,

Donalies advises, quiet frying cheese instead of serving meat, but to enjoy plenty of vegetables and salad. Against the occasional enjoyment of Grill and Bratkäse, nothing is to be obeyed in the context of a balanced diet, so the ecotrophologically. Especially since milk and dairy products provide well-available proteins, vitamin B2 and calcium, they should be eaten daily.

for orientation: The German Society for Nutrition recommends about 250 milliliters of milk per day, yogurt, kefir or buttermilk and one to two slices of cheese with a total of 50 to 60 grams.

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