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Food: Therefore, you should use cold cleaning water

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Warm water is considered effective against bacteria in the household and is therefore often used for cleaning. But cold cleaning water is more meaningful in many cases. We explain why the cold water delivers better results when cleaning dirt - and why warm cleaning water can even be dangerous.

Insbesondere, wenn Sie Ihren Boden mit einem Allzweckreiniger wischen, sollten Sie auf kaltes Putzwasser setzen. © Provided by the house especially when you wipe your floor with a general-purpose cleaner, you should put on cold cleaning water.

Fill in the cleaning of your four walls always warm water into a bucket? Then they are subject to a frequent mistake, with which one is now cleaned up for all times. In reality, it is so that you can clean your apartment with cold cleaning water. Added to this is a cost savings. That's behind it.

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Warm cleaning water compromises the effect of cleaning agents

Basically, bacteria are killed by hot water, which is why we also wash towels and the bed linen especially warm . However, should the bottom wip or clean surfaces, it is useful to use cold cleaning water. The reason is in the general-purpose cleaners, which is added to the water in most households.

These detergents contain alcohol - and thus belong to the cold water cleaners. If the cleaning agent comes with warm water into contact, evaporated the alcohol and the cleaner loses its effect. The episode: On the ground, dirt or it creates strips while wiping.

The ideal temperature of the cleaning water

which temperature should have the cleaning water depends primarily on the detergent that you use. In any case, take a look at the label of your cleaning agent before brushing surfaces or wiping the floors. Often there is also a concrete recommendation, how warm the cleaning water should be. This recommendation must be observed, because the combination of warm water and aggressive detergent can also cause poisonous vapors in some cases, which are harmful to harm.

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and do not worry: even if it might stimulate something strangely. The cold water cleaners clean their apartment without warm water. Grunge, bacteria and germs have no chance.

Cold Cleaning Water For the Windows Use

at the latest at the Spring Plaster , the cleaning of the windows will be cleaned again - which will hopefully be clean. Again, cold water is much better suited than warm. The warm water often dries too fast on the window, causing stripes and water spots on the glass. So you do not have to pay unnecessarily at the window brush in good weather.

When dishwashing, you should never do without warm water. The detergents usually include a fat solder, which is significantly more effective in conjunction with warm plastering water. Only then will you get food remnants and stubborn dirt on the dishes.

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