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Food: The most expensive spices in the world

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several hundred years ago were spices like pepper, ginger or cinnamon very precious. While these spices are missing in no spice rack today and have become much cheaper, there are still spices that cost a fortune.

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For the price of a spice, not only the availability is responsible, but also the production conditions. Some of these rarities exceed with their prices so many known luxury goods.

Rank 5: Muscat Blossom or Macis

The Muscat Blossom or Macis called, dates like the nutmeg from the nutmeg tree. The nutmemacy is merely the red-brown seed coat that protects the nutmeg. Although the nutmemans and the nutmeg are similar to taste, the nutmeg has nevertheless a much more intense aroma.

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Already in the 11th century, the nutmeg found the way to Europe and is used, for example, for the production of white sausages. The price per kilo is 70 to 100 euros.

Square 4: Pepper

known is the black grains for at least 4,000 years and are still the most popular spice in the world. For centuries, pepper was transported across the country road to Europe. In the meantime, the Fugger could become even wealthy with their pepper trade than the German Emperor.

The pepper groove flowers twice a year and can therefore be harvested twice. The largest growing areas are now in India, Indonesia, Brazil and Malaysia. A total of around 140,000 tons of pepper per year are produced worldwide. The so-called Tasmanian pepper can achieve prices of up to 230 euros per kilogram.

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# 3: Cardamom

Originally, cardamom was grown in southern India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Iraq. For this reason, there must be no in no court of Indian cuisine and is titled there as queen of the spices.

The elaborate harvest also explains the high price of around 300 euros per kilogram. Only the green fruit capsules of the plant are harvested just before the maturity. So the seeds remain undamaged and preserve the essential oils. Toxamom reminds cardamom to an eucalyptus-like, intense aroma and also has a sweetish-sharp touch.

2: Vanilla

in second place ranks the vanilla. The main construction areas of the vanilla orchids are Mexico, La Reunion and Madagascar. The bourbon vanilla is considered one of the most famous numerous vanilla varieties, is grown only in La Reunion and costs proud 600 euros per kilogram. Vanilla achieves such a high price as in some regions the flowers of the orchids must be pollinated by hand. For this purpose, a good timing is in demand, because the plant flowers once a year and for a period of only four hours.

The ripe vanilla pods are then harvested by hand and refined in a complex process for about a year and thus get their sweetish aroma. Meanwhile, vanilla can also be made artificially.

Place 1: Safran

The most expensive spice in the world is saffron. Already in antiquity, the red threads were considered genuine treasure. The so-called Saffrankrokus is grown in Iran, Spain and Greece today and can only be harvested two weeks a year during its heyday. Each of the flowers has three red stamp threads that need to be harvested by hand in the early morning hours. Only for a kilogram of the expensive spice requires around 200,000 flowers. Accordingly, a kilogram of high-quality saffron may cost about 15,000 euros. FINANCE.NET

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