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Food: Philadelphia pie with tangerines: How it works

Pie Dough 101

  Pie Dough 101 The basics are crucial when it comes to baking delicious pies. The IngredientsPie dough requires 4 ingredients:FlourAll-purpose flour is a great choice for pie dough. It contains the right amount of protein to create a tender crust.FatButter is probably the most popular option and is certainly my go-to for flaky pie crusts. Other fats that you could consider are vegetable shortening or even lard.SaltAny salt is fine; I prefer to use a fine ground sea salt. Don’t leave it out; a little bit of salt adds big flavor to your crust.WaterIce-cold is best.

Making a tangerine pie . Step by step recipes with photos. Tangerine pie in the oven. Ingredients: tangerines - 7 pieces 1. On the working surface of the table, collect all the necessary ingredients. 2. Break eggs into an empty bowl.

This vintage tangerine pie recipe comes out of my recipe box every summer. Why? Because it 's citrus flavor packs a refreshing punch on a hot summer day. Offering many homemade dessert recipes for you to try above and at the bottom of the page. Tangerine Pie Recipe. 1 orange (or tangerine ), sliced granulated sugar. PREHEAT Broiler to high. Place slices on a baking pan and broil oranges for approximately one minute. Remove from the oven and sprinkle generously with the sugar. When the pie is done and cool, garnish the top of it with these sugared oranges.

Philadelphia-Torte mit Mandarinen MARIA PANZER / EINFACH BACKEN © Maria Tank / Simply Baking Philadelphia Cake with Mandarin Maria Panzer / Just Baking These ingredients you need for a cake: for the biscuit floor:

200 g butter biscuits

160 g Butter

For the cream:

200 g cold cream

250 g quark (20% fat)

250 g mascarpone

200 g cream cheese

1 bag instant gelatin

100 g sugar

3 cans tangerines (draining weight: à 175g)

A basic recipe for fruity cooling scripts

Our tip: You can change this recipe wonderfully to your taste and use tangerines to pineapple, cherries, peaches, berries, apples and other fruit varieties. The perfect base for your favorite fruit!

So the Philadelphia pie with tangerines: for the biscuit floor Place butter biscuits in a freezer bag and close it with as little air as possible in the bag. Roll with a rolling pin over it and finely grind the biscuits. Alternatively, you can also use a multi-biter. Expect an springform (Ø 26 cm) with baking paper. Put butter in a small saucepan and slowly melt at low heat. Add ground butter biscuits and mix well. Put the butter biscuit butter mixture in the mold and press with a spoon or a glass bottom. Chug for the cream cream until stiff and cool until further use. . Mix cottage cheese with mascarpone, cream cheese and instant gelatin approx. 1 minute . Lift the beaten cream under the quark cream, add sugar and also fold in. Drain mandarins in a sieve well, set aside approx. 250 g beautiful tangerine pieces for the deco. Lift the remaining mandarins under the quark cream cream. Place the cream on the biscuit bottom and smooth. The pie surface with the aside placed tangerine pieces in circles from the outside inside. Place the cake at least 2 hours or cool to serve.

The recipe for the Philadelphia pie with tangerines comes from the homepage '' and was written by the editor Anna-Lena.

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