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Food: Why you do not instantly clear the dishwasher

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plus More mistakes that make as good as all in dealing with the dishwasher

Warum Sie die Spülmaschine nicht sofort ausräumen sollten iStockphoto © iStockphoto Why you should not clean up the dishwasher immediately iStockphoto

go through how to go through bypassing the wash with your dishwasher. Many of us tend to open the dishwasher immediately and to clear the dishes in the kitchen cabinet. It makes sense but not really. Why?

Tableware, which comes directly from the dishwasher, is not only too hot to touch, it's not really dry because water vapor has dropped on plates & Co.. Glasses that are not dried properly, and stacked in the cupboard or headed up, condensation and mold can form. So let the machine after the rinsing process rather closed for about 30 minutes, so that the water vapor can solve or drop inside and drop the water on the glasses.

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Exception Fall: You urgently need something from the dishwasher

what, if you urgently need something out of the dishwasher? Here is the tip: In exceptional cases, make the machine up. However, not only a gap wide, but completely. Thus, the steam can distribute faster and the danger that it settles between the kitchenette and the machine, and forms condensation here is smaller. The machine only to open a gap wide is above all bad if your work area consists of wood, because the wood swells easily by the water vapor.

Another mistake that many of us do: we clear the dishwasher in a wrong order. A dishwasher should always be cleared from bottom to top. D.h. Only lower rail, then the above, etc. The reason: Clean it from top to bottom, dropwise water remains of glasses & Co. on the things that store down in the machine. This gives unsightly water spots.

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