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Food: 3 Surprising side effects that have a glass of wine on your body

Yes, There Is a Right Way to Hold a Wine Glass

  Yes, There Is a Right Way to Hold a Wine Glass It's not about being snobbish. There are practical reasons for changing the way you're gripping your glass, according to sommeliers.You might not think how you hold your glass matters, but properly holding a wine glass is a key part of enjoying wine—not to mention a crucial component of basic table manners. It's not about being snobbish, rather there are practical reasons to hold a wine glass the correct way. And that wine drinkers don't do this is the number one peeve for me, as well as other wine professionals and sommeliers I know.

A glass of red wine a day is healthy? Through studies, we have now won new insights into the effects of wine on our body

Kannten Sie diese Effekte von Wein auf den Körper schon? ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto Did you know these effects of wine on the body already? Istockphoto

Many myths tend to the consumption of wine. One or the other mischief is stubborn. However, the following surprising facts are scientifically proven:

reinforces allergy symptoms

The allergy season is already in full swing and many have to fight with certain pollen. Unfortunately, wine is not conducive to what a Danish study found out for which you examined 5,870 women. The result: For those with a higher alcohol consumption, a reinforced risk of developing allergic rhinitis, ie allergic inflammation of the nasal mucosa was found.

Little-known Italian wines you should try

  Little-known Italian wines you should try Little-known Italian wines you should tryPerhaps the first thing to know is that Sannio is located in Campania, in southwest Italy. It’s a land of hills, and the soils that produce Sannio’s wine grapes are mostly limestone and sandstone beneath gravel and stone, along with some volcanic soils, which were deposited by the region’s many active, dormant and extinct volcanoes.

Less colds

That red wine can have positive effects on our cardiovascular system, has already been proven by numerous studies. Now a study published in the BMJ Public Health, which was launched in 2012, showed that a group of 899 men with frequent alcohol consumption had a smaller cold rate than patients who never drank. For red wine, tannins are responsible for working antiviral as they can make the proteins of the viruses harmless.

reduces sleep quality

Wine makes many people at first sleepy, which is why it is also considered unofficial sleep means. However, a study by the London Sleep Center showed that alcohol is extremely influenced and confidently influenced the Rem phases in which one dreams. Particularly in the second third of sleep, these phases are almost completely suppressed, while they occur in the last third. The latter leads to the fact that you sleep restlessly, more often woke up and can not fall asleep anymore. The body and above all the brain can not recover sufficiently. If the REM phases regularly fall away, it may result in a reduction in memory performance and concentration. In addition, the immune system is weakened and the metabolism is disturbed.

10 Tricks for Using Up Leftover Wine .
From making jam to pan sauce, here’s how you can take extra wine and give it a new lease on life.At the end of a dinner party, a date night, or a night hanging out with friends, you might find yourself with one or two unfinished bottles of wine. At this point, you have two options: try to finish drinking it before it turns, or find a way to repurpose it. Route A certainly works just fine, but if you aren't up for drinking more, we've got options. A bottle of leftover wine is something that's full of possibilities, offering you an exciting chance to get creative in the kitchen.

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