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Easy Apple Pork Tenderloin Dinner

  Easy Apple Pork Tenderloin Dinner My apple pork tenderloin recipe is delicious, easy, and made in just one oven safe skillet. This is a pork tenderloin with apples recipe that the whole family will love. …I love having leftovers of this one on hand, they are easy to warm up for lunches and dinners throughout the week. It also gives the kids something simple they can heat up without assistance.

I did not expect a century-old candy company to start running in the same wacky flavor circles as Jones Soda and Jelly Belly jelly beans, but here we are! The company is now selling Brach's Tailgate candy corn, which has five flavors you might see at a football tailgate party, but have probably never tasted in candy corn form before.

  Brach’s Just Released a Tailgate Candy Corn Mix with Hot Dog and Hamburger Flavors © Via Merchant

I should've seen it coming. Back in the fall, I reviewed Brach's Turkey Dinner candy corn mix, which included candy corn flavors such as green bean, stuffing and roast turkey. Now I need to try the hot dog candy corn.

What Are the Flavors of Brach's Tailgate Candy Corn?

The five flavors are all over the map. Each bag has fruit punch, vanilla ice cream, popcorn, hamburger and hot dog candy corn.

Slow-Cooker Banana Bread

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A post shared by CandyHunting (@candyhunting)

Fruit punch sounds pretty good—after all, I really liked the cranberry candy corn from the Thanksgiving mix, and punch is also red and fruity. Not sure who has fruit punch at a tailgate party, but I guess Brach's didn't want to make beer-flavored candy.

Vanilla ice cream? This will probably be my favorite of the candy corn choices. Again, I've never seen that at a tailgate party, but whatever. I mean, ice cream melts! Tailgate food needs to be able to sit in a parking lot for hours.

Popcorn? This makes me think of Jelly Belly buttered popcorn jelly beans. I know some people shudder at the thought, but it's actually one of my favorite Jelly Belly flavors, so I'm fine with that.

Looking for tailgate food you can make ahead of the game? This easy pulled pork recipe is for you.

  Looking for tailgate food you can make ahead of the game? This easy pulled pork recipe is for you. This no-fuss pulled pork recipe can be made ahead of the big game and is designed to feed a crowd at your tailgate.Why you should make this recipe: This delicious and easy recipe produces tender pulled pork flavored with spices.

But now we move on to… hamburger and hot dog candy corn. Probably the two flavors that make the most sense with a tailgate theme, and also probably the two flavors I'm most likely to spit out upon the first bite. Meaty flavors do not translate well to candy. But they're also the main reason people will buy this mix—for the sheer "I double-dog-dare you to try this" element.

Where Can I Get a Bag of Candy Corn?

As of mid-July, people are beginning to find the candy corn at Walgreens. But be careful: I'd suggest you call your store first. I used the Walgreen's product locator and went to a store that claimed to have it, but didn't, and managers were unsure if it had already arrived and sold out, or was yet to come.

Then I called another store that supposedly had it in stock, and same deal—they didn't have it, despite what their website said.

So my suggestion is to wait a week or so and keep checking your local Walgreen's candy aisle. It's not quite tailgate season yet, and this goofy mix will show up eventually. It's priced online at $3.49 a bag, which is not a bad deal!

How Did Eating Pork Become a Way to Judge Blackness?

  How Did Eating Pork Become a Way to Judge Blackness? Throughout history, Black identity became framed through eating and not eating the meat. What does that mean today?"I'm revoking your Black card!" That's one sentence that any community-affirming and self-loving African American hates to hear from another African American. Often said in jest, it's a signal that one has done something to lessen one's Black identity and kinship with other African Americans. It comes up frequently with food choices. Some Black folks—like the ones who put raisins in potato salad—deserve it. Yet one “cultural transgression” in particular has a complicated status: eating pork.

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If crazy flavors are your thing, we'd like to introduce you to wild Kit Kat flavors.

The post Brach’s Just Released a Tailgate Candy Corn Mix with Hot Dog and Hamburger Flavors appeared first on Taste of Home.

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