Food: The fight of the regions: A very amazing recipe surprises Internet users (ZAPTV)

Onion Meat Loaf

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Le combat des régions : une recette très étonnante surprend les internautes (ZAPTV) © Capture of screen M6 The fight of the regions: a very amazing recipe surprises Internet users (ZAPTV) The competition continues in the fight of the regions (M6) This Thursday, August 4, 2022. Tonight, the Vendée was able to impose itself on the sum at the end of the tradition and creation tests. On the other hand, the traditional Vendée recipe has aroused many curiosities, both on the side of viewers and the jury.

Tonight, the regions that clashed were the sum and the Vendée. One was represented by Stéphane, chef in Amiens. The other by chef David, renowned for knowing his region as a person. During the tradition test, both clashed for knowing that of the two chefs will produce the best pancake. An apparently simple recipe, but which has surprised Internet users ( who recently recognized an participant) like the jury and the delegations by their originality.

Air-Fryer Chicken Thighs

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The Somme has embarked on the competition with the Picardy string, a dish that is found in Amiens and in sum . And then there was the Biguenée, produced from the Vendée terroir par excellence, and little known outside of its borders. It was already consumed in farms in the west of the region over 200 years ago. "People did not have much money, so they made dishes with what they found" explains David. The Biguenée is " a big pancake with buckwheat , it is between the pancake and The pancake, in which we will incorporate bacon. There is smoked bacon, fatty bacon, bacon. We start the cooking traditionally over a wood fire, and we finish cooking in the oven. "A fatty and rustic dish, which" holds well in the body . "

" is a clafoutis Salé? "

This original and consistent pancake seduced the jury and delegations." Finally, is much more pleasant than what I thought! "exclaimed Gilles Goujon, quickly followed by Norbert Tarayre:“ It looks like a big buckwheat pancake, is super soft , very simple but very good. "A nice surprise therefore, and which will undoubtedly have brought luck to the Vendeans, who continue the adventure. A salty clafoutis?

Slow-Cooker Banana Bread

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- Gaskell (@gaskellmarianne) August 4, 2022

is a quiche that ???????? #lecombatdesregions

- Danoo77 ???? (@danoo7771) Augustt 4, 2022

I call it a quiche not a pancake ???? #lecombatdesregions

- scarlett ☮️ (@snow2407) Augus T 4, 2022

Raspberry Mousse .
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