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Vertical Carrot Cake

  Vertical Carrot Cake This vertical spin on a cherished classic is packed with spices and sure to impress. The brown butter cream cheese frosting truly takes the vertical cake over the top! —Mark Neufang, Milwaukee, Wisconsin The post Vertical Carrot Cake appeared first on Taste of Home. Prep: 1-1/2 hours + chilling Bake: 20 min.

Because of the long -lasting drought, the Black Forest is in danger, according to the head of the large forestry company Fürstenberg, Jens Borcher. «Fortunately, we don't burn. But we see the development with great concern, »said Borchers of the German Press Agency in Donaueschingen.

Dr. Jens Borchers spricht. © Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa/archive image Dr. Jens Borchers speaks.

with around 180 square kilometers of area is the Adelshaus zu Fürstenberg from its own perspective behind the Thurn and Taxis family nationwide the second largest private forest owner - and the largest in Baden -Württemberg. Around two thirds of the areas are in the Black Forest.

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  The Best Ice Cream Maker, According to Frozen Treat Fanatics Our Test Kitchen experts found the best ice cream maker for every kind of frozen treat fan. The post The Best Ice Cream Maker, According to Frozen Treat Fanatics appeared first on Taste of Home.

Two years ago, forest fire exercises started with neighbors, said Borchers. "The fire brigades were not prepared, but very interested." It is crucial to discover and combat fire flocks early.

Video: Risk of forest in Germany increases - forest management is alerted (GLOMEX)

"We have a change in the large -scale climate situation," said Borchers. «In the past, the lows have rained on the Black Forest. There is hardly any precipitation over the Black Forest in the vegetation period. That is really critical. " When asked whether he sees the Black Forest as endangered, Borchers replied: "Absolutely."

Family business attempts to make the forest climatic in a medium and long point of view. That is very expensive. «The older the trees are, the more endangered they are. That's why we rejuvenate the forest. Young trees can better adapt to the temperature change, »said Borchers. Tree species are also changed. The needle tree Douglasia appears to be particularly suitable.

The Black Forest is an internationally known holiday region in the southwest. The attractions include the Schluchsee, the Titisee and the 1493 meter high Feldberg.

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