Food: Russia: Putin hopes for an economic agreement with Turkey

Russia says to Turkey having "nothing to do" with the bombing of Odessa

 Russia says to Turkey having Ukraine-crise/Odessa-Turkey (urgent): Russia says to Turkey having "nothing to do" with the Bombing of Odessa Ankara, July 23 (Reuters) - Russian officials told their Turkish counterparts that Russia had "nothing to do" with the bombing of the port of Odessa, Ukraine, said the Minister on Saturday Turkish defense.

  Russie : Poutine espère un accord économique avec la Turquie © Kayhan Ozer / Turkish Presidential Press Officer / AFP

L E Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, went to Sochi to meet his Russian counterpart. In an interview broadcast on television, Vladimir Putin expressed his desire to sign an agreement to strengthen economic cooperation with Turkey. "I hope that we can sign a memorandum today on the strengthening of our economic and commercial ties," he said at the start of the game.

The master of the Kremlin thanked the Turkish president for his efforts which made it possible to find an agreement between Moscow and Ukraine on the deliveries of Ukrainian cereals from the Ukrainian ports of the Black Sea. “Thanks to your direct participation and the mediation of the UN secretariat, the problem linked to deliveries of Ukrainian cereals from the Ports de la Mer Noire has been resolved. Deliveries have already started, and I would like to thank you, "he said.

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Video: Putin arrives in Tehran for the Iran-Turkey-Russia Summit on Syria (AFP)

A new "page" in their relationships

underlined the role of Ankara in the transit of Russian gas to Europe, via the Turkstream gas pipeline. "European partners must be grateful to Turkey because it ensures the uninterrupted transit of Russian gas," said Vladimir Putin. For his part, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said hoped that his interview with Vladimir Putin would "open a very different page in Russian-Turkish relations, adding that delegations from the two countries had had" very productive "discussions, especially on trade and tourism.

The Turkish president also said he wanted to speak with his Russian counterpart in Syria, where Ankara threatens to launch a military operation against Kurdish groups which he describes as "terrorists", to which Moscow opposes. “Discussing developments in Syria on this occasion will appease to appease the region. Our solidarity in the fight against terrorism is very important, ”said the Turkish president.

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The Turkish Head of State also said he wanted to make sure that the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant by the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom, in southern Turkey, would respect the " Calendar fixed ”, while a dispute may cause delays in this megaprojet.

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