Food: Franprix recalls sheep cheese, Auchan cakes

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Franprix rappelle du fromage de brebis, Auchan des gâteaux © Yann Vernerie/Adobe Stock Franprix recalls sheep cheese, Auchan of cakes from the eighty of the Auchan brand as well as sheep tomme available at Franprix have been recalled. Several lots are concerned. In cheeses, the Listeria bacteria has been detected while cakes are suspected of containing metal bodies.

Two new product reminders were made by Auchan and Franprix brands according to CONSO recall. At Auchan, it is the eighty of 250, 500 and 800 grams that must be removed from the sale. Lots B171, B167, B168, B174, B187, B180 and B189 are concerned. The expiration dates are between August 19 and September 06, 2022. These various products were marketed between June 17, 2022 and August 04, 2022.

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The cause of this reminder of cakes is a suspicion of metallic metal bodies In the four-quarters, according to Reminder Conso . It is recommended that you no longer consume these products and contact the point of sale to benefit from a refund from Auchan. Risks of bodily injuries exist. To have more information, it is possible to contact The recall of the products will end on Saturday August 20, 2022.

The Listeria detected in a Tomme de sheep

at Franprix, the Tomme de Bébis has been removed from the sale. It is the VF059 lot, sold in individual portion under film, which is affected by these reminders which are ordered on the whole of France. The product sanitation brand, which was marketed between June 27, 2022 to August 3, 2022, is FR 20.123.001 CE. This time, it is not the presence of metallic bodies which is the reason for the recall, but the presence of the Listeria bacteria in the cheese. Above all, you should no longer consume this tomme and bring it back to the point of sale to benefit from a refund.

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if people have symptoms such as fever, headache or aches, they must consult their attending physician. The bacteria can cause listeriosis, a disease which can give rise to neurological complications. For pregnant women, there is a risk of maternal or fetal damage. The latter must be particularly attentive to the presence of symptoms, in the same way as the elderly or immunocompromised. The contact number is This recall procedure will end on Friday August 19, 2022.

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