Food: It is the time for chanterelles: try the delicious mushrooms on spaghetti, with butter and some Parmesan

Why Mushrooms Grow in Potting Soil—and What to Do About Them

  Why Mushrooms Grow in Potting Soil—and What to Do About Them If you spot a mushroom growing in the same pot as your houseplant, there's no need to panic.Finding something unexpected around your houseplant is usually cause for alarm. Even the smallest insects can be a death sentence for plants when they invade a pot, and they should be dealt with immediately. But bugs aren't the only uninvited guests that can crash your planter. Fungi can grow spontaneously in potting soil, much to the surprise of many plant owners. If you spot a mushroom at the base of your monstera or philodendron, here's how you should react.

It's the chanterellest time. And regardless of whether you are looking for (and find) these special mushrooms yourself in the forest or buy them in the supermarket: you are always a pleasure. The German Name of the Cancer comes from the Middle High German and refers to the slightly pepper -like taste of the meat.

  Es ist die Zeit für Pfifferlinge: Probieren Sie die leckeren Pilze auf Spaghetti, mit Butter und etwas Parmesan © provided by Berliner Kurier

The unmistakably yellow glowing noble mushrooms have become rare in our forests. One reason is certainly the drought in these weeks. But the season will last until the end of October, maybe there are still rainy weeks.

those chanterelles that trade offers mostly come from Eastern Europe, for example from Poland or Serbia. But they all come from a forest, because the delicious chanterelles cannot be cultivated, so they only grow wildly. They fit perfectly with pasta and especially spaghetti. Try chanterelles on spaghetti, with butter and some parmesan.

Slow-Cooker Banana Bread

  Slow-Cooker Banana Bread I love to use my slow cooker. I started to experiment with making bread in it so I wouldn’t have to heat up my kitchen by turning on my oven. It’s so easy and simple. I make this slow-cooker banana bread all the time. —Nicole Gackowski, Antioch, California The post Slow-Cooker Banana Bread appeared first on Taste of Home.16 servings

You need that: 500 g of fresh chanterelles, 500 g Spaghetti, 150 g of mixed bacon (you can also leave it out.), Two small onions or spring onions, cloves of garlic as desired, oil for roasting, 200g G cooking cream, fresh parsley, Salt pepper, grated parmesan or other hard cheese

How to prepare spaghetti according to package instructions, more bite -proof than too soft. Heat oil in a pan. Fry on the onion cubes, if necessary, bacon cubes together with the chanterelles. Add chopped garlic as required (less is more at this point so that the spicy taste of the chanterelles is not covered.) Add some pasta water and the cream. Let simmer lightly for about three to four minutes. Now add a piece of butter for the final whistle and let it melt. Season with pepper and salt (be careful: with the variant with bacon, it has already brought salt.)

is served: Mix the pasta on pasta or deep plates with the chanterelles. Garnish with parsley at the end. If you don't like parsley, take chives. The freshly grated cheese is on the table in a bowl so that everyone can access them themselves. Enjoy your meal!

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