Food: Aperol Spritz was yesterday! Basil Spritz is the more refreshing summer drink 2022

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What would be summer without drinks?! What used to be only for the wardrobe is also the case with drinks: every season we look around for the latest trend. And this is definitely the Basil Spritz this summer.

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The Basil Spritz is already considered the trendy Summer Drink 2022 , which will push the classic Aperol Spritz from the throne. Why? Because it also tastes a lot more refreshing thanks to his basil grade. Convince yourself. The preparation is wonderfully simple for hot temperatures. Below you will find the recipe for the most refreshing summer drink 2022: the Basil Spritz.

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  How to Grow Basil Indoors to Enjoy All Year Long Always have the fresh scents and flavors of basil on hand by regularly starting the seeds in your home.There's something refreshing about the summery aroma of basil growing indoors on a windowsill. When you gently brush the plant with your hand, the vibrant scent will quickly fill the air. Plus, having a pot of basil growing in a sunny spot in your kitchen ensures you'll always have this flavorful herb within easy reach when cooking, no matter the season. Sure, you could purchase potted basil plants from your local garden center or grocery store in spring and summer.

Basil Spritz-Sommer-Drink 2022 Getty Images © Getty Images Basil Spritz-Sommer-Drink 2022 Getty Images Aperol Spritz is out: Basil Spritz is the summer drink 2022 instead of Aperol Spritz: This is how the aromatic basil spray-the recipe

ingredients 0.1 l Prosecco 0, 1 l Balis basil lime ice


chop a handful of basil and put in a glass. Fill the glass with the Prosecco. Pour in the Balis basil lemonade (alternatively take water). Now add a splash of lime. Finally, fill the glass with ice cubes. Stir and enjoy everything!

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