Food: The Best Dishes Bon Appétit Staffers Cooked This Week

Retro dishes from the 50s we all know and love

  Retro dishes from the 50s we all know and love An era of canned and convenience foods, frozen dinners, quick-service restaurant chains and decadent desserts. Nope, it's not today, it’s the 1950s. The decade Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s French fries, frozen pizza and Betty Crocker cake mix were created or popularized. Read on to find more dishes from this decade.

Yes, our staff thinks about breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for work. But we eat all those things on our off hours too. In this weekly digest we’re sharing the recipes we make for fun—and want to make again as soon as possible. Check back every Friday for more August favorites.

Aug. 12

5-Ingredient Plum Salad

I hosted a book party for Nicole Taylor and her book Watermelon & Red Birds, for which I decided on a simple menu of lobster rolls, potato chips, and a special dessert of strawberry hand pies, a recipe I selected because it’s in her book. At the last minute, I panicked, worried there wasn’t enough food. When I logged on to our site, the recipe of the day, Chris Morocco's Plum Salad With Black Pepper and Parmesan, caught my eye. With five ingredients—plums, Parmesan, sherry vinegar, honey, and black pepper—it not could have been easier, or tastier. Plums are my favorite summer fruit. Now I have a new way to enjoy them. —Dawn Davis, editor in chief

Trader Joe’s Finally Delivers the Frozen Snacks We’ve Been Sweating For

  Trader Joe’s Finally Delivers the Frozen Snacks We’ve Been Sweating For New this month: Ube mochi, cacio e pepe gnocchi, and a TJ's take on those rocket-shaped, America-colored popsicles.What else is new? Cacio e Pepe Gnocchi in the frozen aisle, Salsa Verde Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips covered in green dust, and Unexpected Cheddar Chicken Sausage. Let’s slip n’ slide into it.

Plum Salad with Black Pepper and Parmesan

  The Best Dishes Bon Appétit Staffers Cooked This Week © Photo by Alex Lau, food styling by Alison Attenborough, prop styling by Heather Greene

Creamy Tomato Gochujang Pasta

Joy Cho has never let me down. Her crispy shrimp recipe has all the pleasures of deep-fried shrimp, without all the hassle. But I’m not here to talk about what I had for lunch—I’m here to talk about what I make for dinner when I want to impress with a capital I: tomato gochujang pasta. By caramelizing tomato paste and gochujang together, you get the perfect base for a creamy pasta sauce that, in my opinion, is even better the next day with roasted mushrooms. —Esra Erol, senior social media manager

Sheet-Pan Corn Pizza With Kimchi and Hot Dogs

For a little light at the end of the working week tunnel, I plan on making Shilpa Uskokovic's extremely fun sheet-pan pizza tonight. It’s a pretty iconic trio of foods that gives big carnival energy: salty hot dogs (not on a stick), kimchi for acid and spice and all things nice, and corn for, well, summer. I’m going to eat a big fat slice on my terrace while sipping an Aperol spritz and sighing wistfully into the breeze as the sun sets. —Ali Francis, staff writer & editor

Yeti’s New Wheeled Cooler Is Like a Carry-On Suitcase for Beer

  Yeti’s New Wheeled Cooler Is Like a Carry-On Suitcase for Beer Plus: A fancy banana cake mix, natural mosquito repellent wipes that work, and coriander vinegar that you’ll want to drink straight from the bottle.New for July, learn about the new reusable silicone storage bags from Ziploc, a cooler with all the bells and whistles from Yeti, and the coriander vinegar we’re putting on everything. As a reminder, some of these items we’ve tried, and some are so new that we haven’t gotten our sweaty little hands on them yet. Regardless, all of the products mentioned are from brands that we know and love.

Sheet-Pan Corn Pizza With Kimchi and Hot Dogs

  The Best Dishes Bon Appétit Staffers Cooked This Week © Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Spencer Richards, Prop Styling by Marina Bevilacqua

Caramelized Zucchini Pasta

All of my cooking choices in the summer are dictated by what I get in my local CSA, and this week I received an amount of zucchini that would have sent a weaker individual to their knees. I, however, was not phased, because I remembered this pasta dish on NYT Cooking from friend-of-the-site and easy-dinner-champion Ali Slagle. Yes, the heap of zucchini in my possession required me to triple (triple!) the recipe, but I was not sad to have extra caramelized zuc throughout the week to turn into dips, spreads, grain bowls, and more. —Kendra Vaculin, associate food editor

Cashew Cream With Roasted Garlic and Miso

I bought 2½ pounds of fancy cashews at Costco and felt positively drunk with excess. I immediately soaked a cup of them in hot water and blitzed them into cashew cream. Instead of raw garlic, I chucked half a head of roasted garlic into the blender along with a heaping tablespoon each of white miso and nutritional yeast for a punch of umami. Thinned a little, it made a creamy, flavor-packed sauce for pasta with lots of veggies. And I’ve been slathering it on toast and topping it with only the best tomatoes. —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, senior commerce editor

No Espresso Machine? A Moka Pot Will Get You Close

  No Espresso Machine? A Moka Pot Will Get You Close It's a complete coffee system that doesn’t need filters or a bulky, expensive machine.Engineer Alfonso Bialetti’s iconic moka pot was invented in Italy in 1933, and it migrated to Latin America and Australia with Italian immigrants in the mid-20th century. Moka pots, also known as grecas, are often the preferred brewing method for Dominican and Cuban-style coffee. (According to a Telemundo article about Dominican coffee, “If you don’t own a greca, you might as well consider yourself a disgrace to your people!”) Keita—who grew up in the Bronx, home to a sizable Dominican community—says the potent smell of strongly brewed coffee reminds him of his youth.

Cashew Cream

  The Best Dishes Bon Appétit Staffers Cooked This Week © Photo by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Pearl Jones, Prop Styling by Anne Eastman

Aug. 5

Sandwich That Spotlights Tomatoes

Overwhelmed by abundance, I bought too many extremely ripe tomatoes last weekend and then committed to eating them all before they went bad. We had caprese, we had tomato toast, and for three meals in a row, we had Zaynab Issa’s curried tomato sandwiches, which take the mayo-and-tomato standard and amp it up by adding capers to the sandwich and frying the bread in a curry powder–infused oil. A rare instance when messing with a classic is well worth it. —Sonia Chopra, executive editor

The Simple Way To Improve Thick Canned Soups

  The Simple Way To Improve Thick Canned Soups Alongside cookies and chicken nuggets, soup is a top contender for America's favorite comfort food, but how can you improve its taste? Here's a simple trick.And canned soups are a convenient way for Americans to make a bowl of one of their all-time favorite dinners. However, some canned soups seem tastier than others. For example, while you may find that your tomato soup glides gracefully from its can into your pot, you may also discover that soups with a little more to their ingredient lists can suffer from, as Bon Appetit describes it, being "gloopy" (per Bon Appétit).

Curried Tomato Sandwich

See recipe. © Photograph by Isa Zapata See recipe.

Fried Sage Salsa Verde

A friend made this crackly, tangy, herby salsa by Samin Nosrat for a dinner party—to douse garlic-roasted potatoes—and it’s such a great vehicle to use up that excess of summer parsley. Frying the sage makes it crisp and easy to crumble. And raw shallots, mellowed out by a stint in vinegar, make this such a fun, punchy condiment to add to any protein or veggie that needs a hit of acid. —Antara Sinha, associate cooking editor

The Best Whisk For Egg Whites, Whipped Cream, and Vinaigrettes

  The Best Whisk For Egg Whites, Whipped Cream, and Vinaigrettes Matfer Bourgeat’s sturdy Piano Whisk is heat resistant and made to last.$32.

Guava and Goat Cheese Phyllo Pie

I hosted my family for brunch for my mom’s 60th this week, and this Guava and Goat Cheese Phyllo Pie was definitely the highlight. The custard was creamy, the guava was just sweet enough without being overwhelming, and the phyllo pastry was the perfect easy base. It’s an impressive but simple dish to serve guests. And as long as you leave time for the phyllo sheets to thaw, most of the steps can be prepped before anyone arrives. Even my father, who doesn’t usually like sweet stuff, was impressed. —Olivia Quintana, associate social media manager

Guava and Goat Cheese Phyllo Pie

See recipe. © Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Pearl Jones, Prop Styling by Dayna Seman See recipe.

For-Sesame-Lovers Peach Crumble

​​I had to bring a no-dairy, no-egg dessert to a dinner a few days ago and landed on this peach and sesame crumble developed by Sarah Jampel. The triple impact of sesame—tahini, sesame seeds, and sesame oil—adds nutty depth to a dessert that can otherwise lean a bit too sweet. This one, made with almost-too-ripe peaches we got that morning at the farmers market, received rave reviews at the party (so did Sarah’s excellent focaccia). Heads-up that my crumble, in a glass baking pan, took just about 30 minutes to cook through. —Sonia Chopra, executive editor

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Crispy Rice Cakes With Halloumi

I just got back from a few weeks home with my family in Australia and I’m jet-lagged and overwhelmed and already homesick for Halloumi, which is everywhere down under. To quell the various pangs, I’m planning to make Susan Kim’s chewy tteok and melty ’loumi salad on repeat. It’s full of fresh greens, comes together easily enough for my delirious brain, and features a warm, salty-spicy gochugaru sauce that you’re going to want to double and use on everything—or cool and solidify into compound butter for a later date. —Ali Francis, staff writer & associate editor

Crispy Rice Cakes With Halloumi Cheese and Gochujang Brown Butter

See recipe. © Photograph by Isa Zapata.  Food Styling by Cyd McDowell.  Prop Styling by Paige Hicks See recipe.

Mango-Sumac Yogurt Semifreddo

I will admit, I have been enjoying ice cream for dinner. But in this heat, all I want is Kendra Vaculin’s mango-sumac semifreddo. This recipe is tangy from yogurt and textured from the ribboned mango purée with marbled bittersweet chocolate. The sumac brightens up the semifreddo by offering tart, sweet, floral notes. An all-around balanced dinner. —Nina Moskowitz, assistant to editor in chief

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