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separation at the Reimanns and she has a new ...

Konny Reimann und Manuela Reimann © Imago / Eibner Konny Reimann and Manuela Reimann

Bitter news for the Reimann family. Shortly after the separation, she already presents a man at her side. Find out everything from us!

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Jason Reimann: Ex-wife Hunter shows himself with new man

The emigrants Konny (67) and Manuela Reimann (54) were used in 2006 with the VOX program "Goodbye Germany" As a couple who emigrated to the USA and lives the "American Dream".

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Because of their great popularity among the spectators, further formats around the life of the whole family Reimann quickly followed: "The Reimanns - an extraordinary life" and "Welcome to the Reimanns". So it happened that the interest in the life of Jason Reimann, the son of the cult couple, focused more on the focus.

It was not until February of this year that the young couple, parents of two children together, announced his separation. Now ex-wife Hunter on Instagram shows herself with a new man at her side, the photo with a red heart.

A sign that the stranger belongs to her heart? According to rumors, Hunter has long had a new relationship. In any case, what is striking is that the bearded man has a clear similarity to ex-husband Jason Reimann. Of course, this continues to heat the speculation about the relationship status of the two.

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is Jason Reimann assigned?

Currently Jason Reimann primarily shares pictures of his children on Instagram and shows himself with his family. Finally with Konny and Manuela. Officially, nothing is known from a new woman to Jason's side, nor is there rumors or indications that could indicate a potential new relationship with someone.

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Learn in the video how Manuela Reimann decreased:

Article picture and social media: Imago / Eibner, Instagram

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