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People who nap during the day are more likely to develop high blood pressure and stroke, study finds

  People who nap during the day are more likely to develop high blood pressure and stroke, study finds Napping regularly is linked to higher risk of stroke and high blood pressure, data suggests, but it may be because of poor sleep at night. Poor sleep at night is associated with poorer health, and naps are not enough to make up for that," Grandner said in a press release. Habitual nappers were more likely to report insomnia and consider themselves "evening people" than non-nappers, the study found. They were also more likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and have lower education and income levels than people who napped less frequently or not at all.

pharmacy, angina is an inflammation of the tonsils most often due to a virus (viral angina) and more rarely to a bacterial (bacterial angina). To make the distinction well, and thus limit the…

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sore throat, swelling of the lymph nodes of the neck, difficulties in swallowing, fever, runny nose, cough, wrapping ... angina is one The most common ailments of winter. It is indeed a frequent disease since each year in France, around nine million angina is diagnosed according to the estimates of health insurance. This disease is distinguished by the fact that there are two types of angina: viral, the most common, due to a virus and bacterial angina due to the beta-hemolytic streptococcus of group A, which represents 25 to 40 % of cases in children and only, 10 to 25 % in adults thus, more than 80 % of angina are in viral origin and therefore have no need for antibiotics, knowing that making the distinction between the 'Viral angina and bacterial angina is important because their treatment is very different. Only bacterial angins require antibiotic treatment (cefuroxime, cefpodoxime, azithromycin, clarithromycin, josamycin), since the bacteria can cause complications which are very rare but possibly serious.

How Long Is Meningitis Contagious For?

  How Long Is Meningitis Contagious For? Meningitis can be contagious. Therefore, it's best to know how long the illness is transmittable to avoid passing it on to those around you. The Period Of Contagiousness Depends On The Type Of Meningitis © Chinnapong/Shutterstock Doctor holding vaccine In order to determine how long you will remain contagious, you'll need to know which type of meningitis you have, explains MedicineNet. Bacterial meningitis is contagious for around one to two weeks following infection while viral meningitis has a contagious period of three to 10 days. Both fungal and parasitic meningitis are not contagious.

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, which is why the first reflex consists in carrying out a rapid diagnostic orientation test (TROD) angina. The Trod Angina is a sample of the throat made by a doctor or pharmacist which makes it possible to check the viral or bacterial origin of angina in a few minutes. As underlines the Ministry of Health on this subject, "TROD Angina therefore allow to take antibiotics only when necessary and to preserve their effectiveness by avoiding bacterial resistance to antibiotics. »The Angina quick test is done at the doctor (during consultation) or in pharmacy since the beginning of 2020 (the test costs around 6 to 7 euros and is reimbursed at 70% by health insurance) And this in the absence of prior medical consultation, in children aged 10 and over, and in adults. Concretely, it is a question of taking a sample at the level of the tonsils with a swab (large cotton swab), placed in a tube which contains a reagent. A strip is immersed in this liquid and changes color depending on the result in a few minutes.

A new viral cousin of Covid-19 can resist vaccine immunity, study finds

  A new viral cousin of Covid-19 can resist vaccine immunity, study finds A new study found that there are coronaviruses distantly related to SARS-CoV-2 that are resistant to our current vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapies.There are more viruses on planet Earth than there are stars in the universe. According to one 2011 estimate, if we were to gather all these microbes up — numbering ten to the 31st power, or 10 nonillion — and lay them end to end, we’d form a microscopic highway stretching out 100 million light years.

An important gesture to limit antibiotic resistance

If the latter is positive, angina is due to the bacteria Streptococcus in group A and that antibiotic treatment is necessary. Note that since December 13, 2021, in the event of a suspicion of angina to group A streptococcus, the doctor has the possibility of making the prescription the mention "if trod angina, within x calendar days". What does this mention mean? This allows the pharmacist to deliver the antibiotic only if the result of the angina carried out in pharmacy is positive, within 7 days maximum. Angina quick tests therefore allow antibiotics to be taken only when necessary and to preserve their effectiveness by avoiding bacterial resistance to antibiotics, also called "antibiotic resistance". Indeed, The France Assos Health association explains "that in the event of viral angina, antibiotics are ineffective. Prescribing it then unnecessarily makes the bed of antibiotic resistance, that is to say the increase in bacteria which are increasingly resistant in antibiotics and which seriously endangers the effectiveness of these drugs in the years to come .

Which Vaccines Do You Need in 2022-23? Here’s the Breakdown for All Ages

  Which Vaccines Do You Need in 2022-23? Here’s the Breakdown for All Ages It was once thought that drinking in moderation meant, no alcohol problems. But a recent study finds, many problems associated with moderate drinking.

As a reminder, these tests were authorized in pharmacies called "pharmacy" by the Interministerial Committee for Health in March 2019, to complement those produced by doctors. The measure was implemented on February 1, 2020 to be finally suspended temporarily on March 23, 2020 because of the COVVI-19 epidemic. Their use is now possible in pharmacies again since July 1, 2021. Note that the angina is benign and heal alone in the vast majority of cases: the fever usually lasts 2 to 3 days, the sore throat up to 1 week. But if it lasts more than 3 days or resumes, if the sore throat worsens, in the event of the appearance of pimples on the skin, joint pain, respiratory discomfort, swelling of the neck or face, or all Another worrying sign, a consultation with the doctor is essential. It is also necessary to not take medication, even without a prescription, in particular anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, without asking for advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

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Nothing can ruin your day like a sinus headache, that achy pain behind your face caused by mucus buildup in your sinuses. Here's what you need to know.A big reason for this, according to the Mayo Clinic, is that the term "sinus headache" is a blanket term for a cluster of symptoms, not a single condition. And as Mass Eye and Ear notes, these symptoms can have a number of different root causes. This means that not all treatments work for all sinus headaches, so freeing yourself from frequent sinus headaches will require a bit of detective work to determine exactly what's causing your headaches.

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