Health & Fit: Kamene Goro On The Effectiveness Of Her Birth Control Method

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Radio personality Kamene Goro may be the most authentic personality in Kenya, willing to divulge even what other celebrities are hesitant to reveal.
The morning show host has freely detailed her failed marriage, including how he got a tattoo with her first partner on her back and had to cover it up with another after they broke up. She is open to discussing even the most embarrassing aspects of her life.
In a recent Q&A on her Instagram stories, the bubbly presenter asked fans to ask her questions and she would answer them honestly, responding to a question about her age the presenter revealed that she was thirty years old.
Fans had recently noted that she had lost some weight and after the question was raised, the radio host made it known that she had done nothing to cut her weight, no gym workout no weight loss method, she revealed that it was just life-stressing her out.
In reply to a question about her birth control method, the celebrated media personality stated she was using the IntraUterine Device, that she acquired from his gynecologist since she was 20 years; nonetheless, she advised people to pick a method that worked for them.
  Kamene Goro On The Effectiveness Of Her Birth Control Method © Provided by KELEbrity She went on to say that she did not get married, rumours had it that she got married to her 2-year boyfriend DJ Bonez.
Kamene Reveals Her Wedding Date And Rubbishes Secret Wedding Rumors
News of her wedding to her two-year boyfriend DJ Bonez spread last week like wildfire after she flaunted a beautiful ring on her Instagram stories.
A friend of hers went on to congratulate her, leading many to believe she had married and was vacationing in Diani for what was rumored to be her honeymoon.
She has however come out to defend the rumors, claiming that the public missed the entire event. She revealed that she was in Diani MCing a friend's wedding, but she also revealed that she had gotten engaged on the same weekend.
"I'm not married just yet, probably by now next year I will be married. The good news is I got engaged." The morning show host said.
Kamene will be getting married for the second time, her first marriage was toxic and she decided to call it quits.
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Previous marriage

In a previous interview, Kamene disclosed how she had gotten married in 2016. She was just 23 years of age then and had just finished her law degree.
Her boyfriend, who was at the time residing in another country had asked for her hand in marriage leading her to give up her job on two days’ notice to move in with her new husband.
She, however, says that when it was time for him to meet her parents, they did not like him.
Her mother-in-law did not like her either and would sometimes go to the extent of sending her son food to keep her from eating “bad” food prepared by Kamene.
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