Health & Fit: alleged drug smuggling: Marijuana and weapons found

Is Keeping Marijuana Illegal Putting People's Health At Risk?

  Is Keeping Marijuana Illegal Putting People's Health At Risk? This article was originally published on The Fresh Toast and appears here with permission. With marijuana still listed as a Schedule 1 drug, it simply is not possible to treat marijuana the same as other plants that are consumed by American citizens. Some argue that marijuana is far less toxic than any drugs made in a lab, since it is a plant that comes from Mother Earth. While the sentiment and logic is in the right place, the sad truth is that our Earth, its soil and the way we grow plants in this modern times is a far cry from what one might consider “organic.

Six men from the districts of Tübingen and Freudenstadt must answer in court because they are said to have smuggled drugs. During searches on Thursday in the suspects' accommodation, officials found over 800 grams of marijuana, about 15 grams of heroin and other drugs, as the police said. In addition, a cannabis growing system, a sharp firearm and other weapons were confiscated.

Eine Polizistin hält kleine Tütchen mit Marihuana in den Händen. © Christophe Gateau/dpa/symbol image A policewoman holds small bags with marijuana in her hands.

four of the six men aged 24 to 29 were demonstrated on Thursday to the judge, who ordered the pre -trial detention. Two 27 and 37 -year -old suspects were initially at large.

Thai marijuana boosters rally to keep drug decriminalized .
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