Health & Fit: 34 patients on the intensive care units: Corona situation in Brandenburg clinics stable

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The hospitalization incidence rose slightly within a week. The warnamp is still on yellow. The seven-day incidence is 220.2.

Wenn in den Krankenhäusern das Personal fehlt, müssen auch die Betten leer bleiben. © Photo: Photo: dpa/Jonas Güttler If the staff is missing in the hospitals, the beds must also remain empty.

in the Brandenburg hospitals, the Corona position remains relatively stable compared to the previous week. According to the Ministry of Health, the hospitalization incidence rose slightly from 9.18 to 9.42 - the warning parameters are still on yellow. This value indicates the number of transfers to the hospital per 100,000 inhabitants in connection with a corona infection. The number of registered infections with the virus within a week per 100,000 inhabitants was 220.2, as it was said on Thursday. The seven-day incidence was 230.2 last week.

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The incidence does not provide a complete picture of the infection situation. Experts do not assume a high number of cases recorded by the RKI - especially because not all infected people can do a PCR test. Only positive laboratory tests count in statistics.

Currently 467 people are treated with a confirmed COVID 19 disease in clinics. The number is still far below the threshold of 1000 treatment cases. As of Wednesday, 34 patients lie on intensive care units, and 25 must be ventilated.

Most Corona infections within a week each reported the city of Frankfurt (Oder) with 317.6, very few with 164.7 from the Barnim district. Potsdam's incidence is 229.9, in Potsdam-Mittelmark at 259.2.

According to the country's Corona Ordinance, a mask obligation in local public transport also applies. Visitors to shared accommodation for refugees and homeless people still have to wear an FFP2 mask. The Brandenburg cabinet had initially extended the Corona regulations until December 21, .

The federal government also prescribes the masks for passengers in public transport and visitors to clinics and nursing homes as well as for patients in medical practices. (dpa)

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