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Health & Fit: All muscles on the stomach, back and butt suddenly train with the "Pallof Press" - it is more effective than any Plank

How to Do Plank Hip Dips for a Super-Strong Core

  How to Do Plank Hip Dips for a Super-Strong Core The plank hip dip adds a twist — literally — on the basic plank. It strengthens your core, including your transverse abdominis and obliques. Learn how to do it.The plank is a standout among core exercises: It's a great move on its own, and there are endless variations to improve strength and stability. Enter plank hip dips, a riff on the basic forearm plank that takes things up a notch by adding some side-to-side twists.

Anyone who feels exercises to tighten the body as annoying can be trained with the "pallof press" at least .

, according to a personal trainer, do not have to do any plank exercises to get a strong, shaped stomach. Planks can build muscle, but another, underestimated exercise called "Pallof Press" is, according to Noam Tamir, founder and CEO of "TS Fitness" in New York City, just as good or even better for training the abdominal muscles.

"The exercise includes the whole body, but you really feel it in the middle of the body," he explains. At the "Pallof Press" you have to support yourself with a force band in front of you, which forces your abdominal muscles, your lower body, your arms and your back to work together. This exercise is therefore very suitable for strengthening the stability of the whole body and especially the middle of the body.

15 Minute Dumbbell Ab Workout (At Home!)

  15 Minute Dumbbell Ab Workout (At Home!) We’re focusing on an ab workout with dumbbells. These weighted ab exercises help to increase the resistance during the abdominal exercises and allow you to strength the muscles of the abdomen without doing endless sets of crunches. In fact, many of the most effective ab exercises are those that are performed without high repetitions. Instead, they focus on engaging the center core and moving through each movement in a slow and controlled manner. Not only does this help to strength your core, it helps to prevent injury from overuse or incorrect form.

for the "Pallof Press" you position yourself parallel to the power tape and hold the handle or end in chest height. Make sure that the band is tensioned. Slowly push yourself out until the arms are completely stretched, hold the position and then return to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Make sure that you change the pages to train your muscles evenly. The exercise builds muscles by making your body work against the pressure of the band, according to Tamir, and claims your entire middle of the body, from the buttocks to the slanted abdominal muscles. "Your body opposes the rotation, so it is very functional," he says. The exercise also promotes the stability of the shoulders and the upper back, similar to a plank, but without the pressure on the wrists.

The Best Exercises You Can Do With Dumbbells

  The Best Exercises You Can Do With Dumbbells With the massive range of exercises on offer with dumbbells, where do you even start? Here are some of the best exercises you can do with dumbbells."Dumbbells are an excellent low-cost option for strength training and even metabolic conditioning," says Dallas' Cooper Fitness Center's fitness director Mary Edwards (via WeightWatchers). Equally at home being used during resistance-based activities and more cardio-focused workouts, dumbbells are not only super-portable and usually small enough to fit subtly into the corner of any room, but they're also affordable and easy to get hold of, Edwards states.

The "Pallof Press" also protects the lower back area, which can be stressed to fatigue when a plank. "In the case of a plank, gravity presses directly into the lower back, so you are in a safer position at Pallof Press," said Tamir. However, if you have problems with your knees, you should avoid the kneeling "Pallof Press" and choose a standing or sitting variant instead, he adds. avoids rotating movements

The advantages of the "Pallof Press" result from the resistance to the band's train. That means turning or tipping during the movement can take the purpose of the exercise, explains Tamir. "The positioning is really important. Press yourself straight forward," he says.

If you notice that you turn in your hip or in the fuselage or you can not extend your arms completely, according to Tamir, you may start too intensely and prefer to practice a scaled version of the movement to find the right shape.

9 Glute Exercises For The Best Butt Workout In 30 Minutes

  9 Glute Exercises For The Best Butt Workout In 30 Minutes This intense booty workout is an ideal way to focus on glute isolation exercises and tighten the muscles of the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. What are the best exercises for butt and thighs? We know that no one likes doing endless amounts of squats.

If the execution of a "palloff press" is a challenge, you should scale the exercise by taking a calm or isometric attitude. Hold the cable or the tape in the extension position as long as possible and tense your fuselage and the gluture muscles, then rest and repeat the exercise.

You can also make the exercise easier by taking a more stable starting position. When you stand, you should continue to apart or kneel your feet apart, which offers more stability than the full knees.

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