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Health & Fit: because of the wave of virus: Pediatricians in the district with permanent burden - "This is hard to cope with"

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Vor allem Kleinkinder sind von einer Infektion mit dem RS-Virus betroffen © dpa/Marijan Murat in particular toddlers are affected by an infection with the RS virus because of virus wave: Pediatricians in the district under continuous load Is hardly to be mastered “ Every second child who comes to him has a cough or fever, says pediatrician Martin Griebel from Poing. The RS virus is now spreading.

District - Anyone who is currently calling for pediatricians in the Ebersberg district has a problem. Because in order to penetrate a human ear in practice at all, callers must either survive a long queue or many attempts with occupied signs. The reason for this: The cases of flu infections in the Ebersberg district have been increasing for weeks. Now the wave also hits the small district residents with full force. “We have a lot of sick children. That is hard to manage, ”says pediatrician Martin Griebel from Poing, audibly stressed on the phone.

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Every second child has a cough or fever, he continues. In order to maintain the practical operation as much as possible, you can already divide the small patients in Poing in two groups-the contagious and the non-attached. "If a child comes to the wrong consultation, we have to put it off later," the pediatrician regrets. Because of the flu wave and the increasing distribution of the respiratory-syncytial virus (RSV), an illness of the upper and lower airways, there are long infection consultation in the group practice every day. But above all, the rapid spread of the RS virus is currently concerned with the pediatricians.

The virus is more common than you think

“The virus is widespread than you think. Adults can also be infected, ”says the pediatrician. "The symptoms of them are not so strong." In contrast, premature babies and children under one year are at risk of respiratory infection.

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can recognize parents of an RSV infection of their child based on the following symptoms: dry cough, persistent fatigue as well as severe and exhausted breathing. But also crackling or whistling noises from the lungs and difficulties in eating are also signs of a disease, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

There is still no therapy option

a specific therapy option or an antibiotic against the virus still does not exist. "We treat this symptomatically," reports the Poinger pediatrician Griebel. Although there is a prophylaxis antibiotic, this must be injected to the child every month. In addition, such a syringe is very expensive: Prophylaxis costs around 800 euros. "The antibiotic is currently only intended for risk patients," emphasizes the pediatrician. "It also does not protect 100 percent, but only prevents a serious course of illness."

parents with sick children should therefore first keep calm and observe the symptoms. "Not every child with a runny nose has the RS virus," says Griebel. Panic is not very helpful anyway - the practices would have the situation very well under control.

transfer to children's clinic can be problematic

in Poing only had to be transferred to a children's clinic with the RS virus. But when the time comes, this can be problematic, because: “The clinics are already incredibly full. We called ten clinics and none could take the sick child, ”the pediatrician describes a case. The district clinic Ebersberg has no children's ward. "The child then had to be brought to Deggendorf with the ambulance."

Nevertheless, these were isolated cases. To think about the generally difficult pediatric situation in the district. "However, it will not get better in the future," provides care doctor Marc Block.

(from Anna Liebelt)

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