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Health & Fit: Answer Angel: An eyeliner list to save

The Biggest Signs Your Eyeliner Is Expired

  The Biggest Signs Your Eyeliner Is Expired Different makeup items have different periods of time when they're considered safe and effective, and using expired products can cause ongoing health issues. What Are The Risks Of Expired Eyeliner? © ipag collection/Shutterstock Applying eyeliner to hazel eyes The sad truth is that all makeup products have a limited shelf life. Emulsions may separate, ingredients may degrade, mold may take root, and oxygen can get into cosmetics containers, causing oxidation.

Thanks to the many readers who want to help us find the perfect eyeliner pencil that stays put and doesn’t require a separate sharpener (which usually gets lost after a couple uses!). Here’s a long list to consider (not all of them pencils).

Here's a long list of eyeliner recommendations from readers. © Antoniodiaz/Dreamstime/TNS Here's a long list of eyeliner recommendations from readers.

And, read to the end for my tips on cosmetics you rely on and love, but that might be discontinued without notice.

Your recommendations…

Gayle E., Carolyn W.: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail mechanical pencil eyeliner (drugstores,,,,, $8.47 and up)

Music's most stylish superstars

  Music's most stylish superstars Musicians and performers are easily the most influential brand of celebrities. They not only grace us with the gift of music, but also express themselves visually in ways that push the wheel of fashion forward. Iconic superstars from Bowie to Badu have made equally earth-shattering marks on music and on style. The antics and outfits of certain musicians have become cultural treasures that will be emulated and appreciated for generations to come. Ready to admire? Read on to look at some of the best-dressed denizens of music.

Felicia S: Clinique Quickliner for Eyes (“not the intense one; the regular one”) (department stores,,, $22)

Debra T.: “Permanent makeup tattoos are the best.”

Elizabeth H: Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner with built-in brush (,,, $26)

Ms. McD., Gail S: Revant Cosmetics gel eyeliner (, $18)

Margaret M., Paula G.: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (,,, $32) with eyeliner brush sold separately

Deborah H.: Maybelline Ultra Liner for upper lids; Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner for bottom rim (both at drugstores,, $6.48 and up)

Mary H.: Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner (, $22) “vegan and cruelty-free and they donate to women in need when some products are purchased”

in vs. Out: These 3 eyelets are in autumn 2022 out-and we wear these eyeliner trends instead

 in vs. Out: These 3 eyelets are in autumn 2022 out-and we wear these eyeliner trends instead eyeliner in autumn 2022: These 3 eyeliner trends are in, these 3 are out © getty images There are no limits to creativity: you can apply it finely, wide as a eyeshadow or pattern on the eyelid - so you can always try something new. You can find out here which eyeliner strings will be particularly popular in autumn 2022 and which eyeliner trends we say goodbye. & in vs.

Carolyn R.: “I always go back to my old standby, Maybelline Twin Brow & Eye Pencil, the red pencils in a 2-pack)” (drugstores, $4.49 and up)

Haley B.: “Chanel Waterproof eyeliner is the best. It might be pricey but it lasts a long time.” (, department stores, $34)

Patricia O.: Flower Beauty Forever Wear Long-Wear Eyeliner Pencil (, drugstores,, $9.29 and up)

Diane A.: Going, going, gone? Rimmel Scandaleyes gel in a little pot with brush (only a few available on, under $8 but hurry)

Maureen F., MaryAnn M.: Almay Eyeliner Pencil (, $7.89;, $2.99 and up)

Linda G.: NYX Epic Ink Liquid Eyeliner (drugstores,,, $7.92 and up)

Peggi C.: Clinique Quickliner for Eyes (,, department stores, $22)

Alice S., JoAnn P.: Try eye shadow as eyeliner applied with a makeup brush

Anonymous: IT Cosmetics Super Hero No-Tug Gel Eyeliner (, on sale $16.80;, $18)

I struggled with anorexia for years — but people actually encouraged my weight loss because of my bigger size

  I struggled with anorexia for years — but people actually encouraged my weight loss because of my bigger size When I was a teen, I dealt with anorexia, but many people in my life actually encouraged my weight loss because of my bigger size.None of my peers commented on my body, but the fact that I sat alone most days at lunch was a signal to me that I was different — and not in a good way. And as each day passed, the desire to fit in grew stronger.

Myrna N.: Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Definer (drugstores, $6.49 and up)

Wendy G.: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise (drugstores,, $7.95 and up),“This is a godsend.”

Fran H.: MAC Eye Shadow powder (, $28.50) with angle brush sold separately

Also, Mardell G. wrote me this enthusiastic recommendation: “I was surprised to see that you still use an eyeliner pencil. I gave up on pencils years ago. I use Clinique water-resistant eyeliner, which comes in a paint-like cake form with a brush. Stays on until you take it off. It lasts forever!! Well worth the price. Check it out. I think you’ll like it!”

I couldn’t wait to try this and then … bad news. I contacted Clinique and got this reply: “The eyeliner is no longer available.” New is not always better, especially in the case of cosmetics. But this happens all the time. Your favorites are discontinued. I advise readers to buy multiples if they love a product before it disappears forever! might have what you’re looking for — often at an incredibly inflated price. Also you can try sites that stock discontinued products, but I have had zero success with any of them:, and’s “dupe list” suggests duplicates for a limited number of discontinued products. Also try customer service at the company that makes what you’re looking for which might have a small supply of discontinued favorites, but don’t count on it.

Reader Rant

Don W. writes, “To all the ladies out there: The bright red lipstick look is not attractive. At all.”

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