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Health & Fit: Mom Makes Plea to Help Find Kind Man Who Helped with Her Baby on Flight

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  Mom Makes Plea to Help Find Kind Man Who Helped with Her Baby on Flight © Provided by WanderWisdom

She just wants to thank him.

Flying with children — especially very young ones — can be so draining that anyone who attempts to help out stressed parents is seen as an angel in disguise. Ask any parent who's ever flown solo with their kids, and they'll tell you that they never forget who was kind to them (and who was not). Even something as simple as a smile or even volunteering to help a mom get settled in her airplane seat while she's juggling her carry-on and children at the same time will not go unnoticed.

So it makes sense that one determined mom on TikTok, @kassidy_raee, is on a mission to find a man she met during a recent flight. He helped her with her baby and, in the process, restored her faith in humanity at the same time.

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Along with a photo of a total stranger holding her baby during a flight, this mom (who also happens to be a flight attendant) shared the story of what happened when she was flying home to Asheville, North Carolina. She had a stressful start since it was raining and she and her baby were one of the last to board the plane — in a middle seat, no less — so by the time the plane took off, she was already rattled.

When her daughter got antsy, the man they were sitting next to immediately began interacting with her, and when she was interested in his window, he even held her so she could play with the shade and stay entertained, which Mom said made her "heart so happy."

He continued to play with her for the rest of the flight, and even helped them get their things together when the plane landed.

She didn't get his name — just that he's a real estate agent in Punta Gorda, Florida, and hasn't been able to find him, but hopefully, she will. This man deserves all the thanks. A little kindness goes such a long way.

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