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Health & Fit: 3 resolutions for 2023, which everyone can implement in everyday life

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is too high the bar, New Year's resolutions are usually laid down again after a few weeks. But these resolutions can really implement everyone in 2023!

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The new year inspires us! It is a great time for a reset to re -tackle things, reorganize and structure. To take advances and live healthier. However, if the bar is too high, such New Year's resolutions are usually not held through and a return to the status quo is inevitable. Then we blame ourselves and demotitize ourselves, according to the nutrition therapist Dana Sturtevant, RD, co -owner of "Be Neurished".

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Most resolutions only last a few weeks with New Year's resolutions, it is similar to diets or cures. They irritate us because they promise great results when you keep. A few kilos less, a healthier lifestyle, more productivity or stronger muscles. This can work quite well for a while, but after a few weeks at the latest, the diet or the workout plan is thrown overboard and you return to the usual everyday life. Many people train without a break in the first two weeks of the new year, but most of them unfortunately do not even last until February, says Sturtevant. So when it comes to resolutions, you should take small steps and only take it, which can also be easily implemented in everyday life. Only then will you stay tuned in the long run.

Everyone can implement these New Year's resolutions!

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But which goals are really implementable in the long term? In the long run, these health-related resolutions help a healthier and happier self and can be easily integrated into everyday life:

1. Consciously sit

Most people sit in a C-shape, which exerts pressure on the spine and pain in the lower back Can cause neck and shoulders, according to Jenn Sherer, founder of the spin-up studio in California. A healthy sitting position is so easy to implement! The feet should be flat on the floor (or an increase), the thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend the hip slightly and sit upright, which extends the spine and loosens the pelvis.

2. Put a sleep alarm

more than a third from us does not regularly come to at least seven hours of sleep. Sleeping longer does not work for longer at fixed working hours, but going to bed earlier is definitely a feasible option! It is best to face an alarm clock 45 minutes to an hour before sleep, this advises Holly Phillips, MD, author of The Exhaustion Breakthrough. As soon as the alarm clock rings, you slowly start your evening routine. Washed face, move, brush your teeth and the alarm can also serve as a memory of switching off television, laptop or other technical devices so that the release of the sleep hormone melatonin cannot be delayed by the blue light and can better fall asleep. 3. Go to each goal within one kilometer

the more physical activity you incorporate into your day, the better. So if there is a destination on a radius of one kilometer, then run there instead of driving. The movement helps you to improve your mood, reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and certain types of cancer and increases the lifespan, according to

a study . It is also good for the environment! Is there a long phone call? Then run a round around the block.

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