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Health & Fit: 5 Steps to a Healthier You: Simple Changes to Make Right Now

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Ready for a healthier you? There are simple steps, things you can start doing today, that will get you on the path to better health! Keep reading to learn more.

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With every new year comes new resolve. At the top of every most-common-resolutions list is always something related to health, whether it’s eating healthier, exercising more, or losing weight. The truth of the matter is, the vast majority of us could stand for a little improvement in the health arena.

Sometimes our long term goals can be overwhelming. On January 1st, you may have been all amped up and ready to lose 50 pounds or exercise every single one of the next 365 days or eat a salad every other meal for the rest of your life. But the excitement has faded as it tends to do, and now those pounds look like Mount Everest, and those chips look like comfort.

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But, don’t throw in the towel too quickly. Before giving up on your ultimate goal, break it down to manageable steps. Here are a few suggestions that can help lead to a healthier you.

5 Steps to a Healthier You

Step #1: Drink More Water

The recommended amount of water you should be drinking every day is half your body weight in ounces. But if that’s a little overwhelming, start by grabbing a glass of water right now. Go ahead. Now check out this post for more ideas on how to drink more water throughout the day.

Step #2: Eat Your Vegetables First

You don’t have to eat salad for every meal, but veggies are key to a healthy life. Chop up a variety of vegetables and store them in clear, easy-access containers in your fridge. It’ll make grabbing some broccoli just as convenient as grabbing a bag of chips. Another bonus is veggies take up a good amount of space in your belly, so when you dig in to your regular meal, you’ll find you’re fuller faster. [Also read: 18 Mindful Eating Exercises + a Free Printable PDF]

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Step #3: Exercise

We should all be exercising regularly, but that doesn’t mean you have to go from couch potato to marathoner overnight. If exercise is a brand new thing in your life, start with something as simple as two walks a week. You’ll only be moving forward, no matter how small the first step is. [Also read: How to Keep the Exercise Momentum Going]

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Step #4: Eat Regularly

Eating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism going. But it also keeps you from becoming famished and raiding the pantry. Oftentimes, we’ll skip breakfast only to make up all those missed calories (and more) over lunch. Remember, if you do reach that famished state, grab the veggies from the fridge!

Step #5: Get Enough Quality Sleep

Sleep is essential to life. It’s true! Getting the sleep you need will boost your immunity, lower your risk of heart disease, and even lead to less calorie intake. If you’re striving toward a healthier you, sleep needs to be on the priority list. Here are some simple ways to improve your sleep habits.

These steps aren’t too overwhelming, are they? If all you do in the next year is focus on these five steps, the mountain that felt impossible to conquer will be rolling hills behind you. What is the first step you plan to take?

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